• When: 06/20/2018
  • Workout Style: Bands
  • QIC: Bunion
  • PAX: Graco, Wifi, Life Alert
  • AO: Beaufort

Four men fought the fart sack monster and met in the Gloom to pay homage to the Chicken Shack. The usual suspects rolled up for some morning mumble.  Talk of the chicken shack, and all things chicken ensued. Disclaimer and mission statement given and the Pax held the applause.

We grabbed some bands and jump ropes, we were off to the maritime museum for some old men stretching.
We started with some side straddle hops x20IC, moved into some good mornings x20IC and Cotton Pickers, same, and finished with some Imperial walkers.
We stayed at the Maritime Museum using the posts for resistance.
Stacking exercise starting with chest rows x 10, chest presses x 10 American arm curls X 10. Moving on to overhead press x 10, tricep extension x10 +and Copperhead squats with the bands x 10. At the end of the round, we jumped rope for approximately two minutes. With the humidity, it seemed like we jumped rope for an hour each time.
This exercise was increased to 15 and 20 and back to 15 again. Humidity hitting pretty hard we moseyed to the turntable for some merkins x 20. Mosey back to the docs for some water which was well-deserved, with the humidity really hitting hard at this point. Mary on the docks included rounds of merkins, LSF, Freddie Mercury’s, lbc’s.  The water fountain was key.
Another great workout for the Chicken Shack. Beaufort rules.
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