• When: 10/11/2018
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Griswold, Purple Rain, Princess, Cheech, McMuffin, Navy (Respect), Romo, Coach Potato (Respect), Kiwi, Pill Box, Bird Man, Laettner, LawDawg, Back Up
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived early to lay out some cones and scout out the AO. The PAX was anticipating a gully washer but they failed to remember. It never rains on an F3 workout. The first thing discovered was an 8 foot high chain link fence with a pad lock and chain. Once again flash backs of prison ran through YHC’s mind like Andy from the Shawshank Redemption. Soccer Goals were also placed to keep us off the wall. One thing YHC learned from Duck Butter was never anticipate and be flexible. When you can’t get to where you planned on going, you have to do both. Griswold said he had a workout around and the count down started. 5, 3, 1. F3 stated and Mission with disclaimer given and then Kiwi showed.


Mosey to the corner of the parking lot for SSHx20. Mosey to next corner for Abe Vigodasx10, 5 Burpees for Dumpster Dog making the Q look bad on slack. It was then we all realized he HC’d but didn’t show. Doing burpees for a guy that doesn’t show makes for an angry PAX. Sun Godsx10 each way and then LATE-ner shows. 5 burpees for all. Mosey to the next corner for Cotton Pickersx15 and Imperial Walkersx10. Mosey to the last corner for some stretching.


One of YHC’s first exercises to be put into the F3 Exicon was our first, Forest to the Sea. Navy was quick to shout out his approval. Purple Rain asked about halfway thru why the name. Back Up was spot on with his bear is the forest and crab is the sea answer. From the mouths of babes, nice job. I believe someone mentioned that coming to the the “Old Guy” workout should be easy. Dumpster Dog is the only one taking it easy.

After a joyful beginning we rolled to the parking lot for a Black Snake Indian Run. Of course, someone had to ask why it had to be a black snake. YHC obliged with a prison story about a large black snake…we will stop there. I have to say this PAX has doesn’t not understand space or speed. The object was to leave room for the PAX to weave in about of the Indian run but the were either to fast or to close together. T-Claps for Birdman for understanding. We two laps around the parking lot and worked our series toward a possible open gate.

We stopped along the way for some Carolina Wine Mixersx15. Birdman did his best Bang impression and complained about doing them on the road. We followed with LBC’sx15 and Moseyed on to the Golden Gate. Locked of course. Hand Release Merkins x15 and WW1’s x 15. The Omaha of the workout is full force.

PAX would run backwards up the hill by the tennis courts and do 20 Squats at the top. run back to the road and up doing 3 sets.

Mosey down the road and take a left because YHC saw some free wall space. BTW x 5 each man, Peoples chair x 5 each man with arm presses, BTW x 3 each man and Peoples chair x 5 with arm press each man.

Mosey back to the flag stopping for one more set of CWM’s and LBC’s x10, and HRM and WW1’s x10 along the way


American Hammer x 25, Low Slow Flutter x 10 and One round of Big Sexy to finish. Disclaimer given to Back Up.

Convergence on the Hero patriot for all and PR sent out a message about a Worship service next Wednesday.


Purple Rain took us out with a thoughtful prayer about Putin completing week 5, and Navy’s cousins in Florida at the Air Force base and some others YHC can’t remember at the moment.


YHC is blessed to live in halfway land and be able to see East and West and on occasion Beaufort. I encourage everyone to visit other workouts and meet more of our F3 brothers. you will be blessed. T-Claps to McMuffin for getting back in the saddle and Couch Potato setting the bar for Respect. Until we meet in the gloom again.


Ron Burgundy


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