• When: 04/12/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Rameses
  • PAX: Bayliner, Shroom, Frosted Flake, Steamer, Jang-a-Lang, Blue Cross, My T Sharp, Rooney, Monkey Wrench, Rameses
  • AO: Carterican Court

The final cold morning of the week (hopefully the spring) did not keep 11 men from showing up at Rotary Park. After Bayliner backed the Starling Marine pickup perfectly into the parking space and, along with Bay, My T and I stepped out we saw that Duck and/or Monkey left us the Carteret Court flag. Thank you for that. I brought the Dreadnought flag with me, just in case there wasn’t one (as was rumored), and since it was there, put it out for good measure. It did not mean we were going to run more, but it did end up meaning that we had no official 10 counts during this workout.
After the disclaimer, we moseyed toward the basketball courts for some…

Cotton Pickers IC x 15
Sun Gods IC x 10
Sun Gods in Reverse IC x 10
Windmills IC x 15
Standing Forward Bend – silent 15 count each leg
Right Over Left/Left Over Right – silent 15 count each leg
Finishing up Warmarama, it was time for…

The Thang
This workout had several goals. Do a few things that were not ordinary, continue to rest my shoulder a little, and run 2.25 miles (give or take) per the preblast.
So with this in mind, we ran from the basketball courts to the baseball parking lot for a bit of MARY. Some Pax members may not know what Mary is, but we used to do it at every workout. It is ab work and with Summer slowly making its way to Carterico, it is necessary.

30 LBC – SC
30 Right Leg Cross Crunches – SC (similar to a Birdman Crunch, but the uncrossed foot stays on the ground)
30 Left Leg Cross Crunches – SC
25 Leg Raises – SC
10 Freddie Mercury – IC
Palate Cleanser – one lap around the baseball stadium. Everyone was in a good mood at this point, as we had not done much running.
15 Low Slow Flutter – IC
20 Left Heel Touches – SC
20 Right Heel Touches – SC (These are extremely hard. Most of us were not able to reach our heels on all 20 and I am being generous.)
60 Second Plank (Chilcutt)
20 Supermen (The Superman exercise performed 20 times)
Palate Cleanser – one lap around the baseball stadium. A few Pax members became a little grouchy on this one, as they thought the running might get excessive.

From the baseball parking lot, we ran to the main soccer field for a game of Catch Me Dora. I do not know if I invented Catch Me Dora or if I have stolen (benchmarked) it from someone. It works like this:
Partner A begins running. Partner B performs a prescribed number of a certain exercise. When that number is reached, Partner B catches Partner A who then performs the exercises. Between Partner A & Partner B a total number of exercises must be achieved before moving on the next round of exercises.
The exercises that were performed by the partners in Catch Me Dora were:
100 Merkins (25x25x25x25)
200 Squats (50x50x50x50)
300 SSH – SC (75x75x75x75) YHC called for an Omaha on this one, as the group had become very spread out and it was difficult to catch your partner. Several people had lost their partners, Blue was about to go Rambo on me and My T had begun yelling cuss words at the top of his lungs. Also, the running was approaching the 2.25 mile mark, so we gathered together and performed 150 SSH (or somewhere in that neighborhood) each.
Full Disclaimer – I thought the running might get us over the 2.25 mile mark, but wanted to try this workout anyway, with the thought that we could modify. This will be a Dreadnought exercise sometime in the future, as it can definitely be performed on the track and offers a bigger challenge than a standard Dora or Catch Me If You Can.

From here we went to the picnic tables for
• 25 step ups – IC
• 25 box jumps – SC
• 25 Urkins – SC

Time was then up and so we gathered around the flag. Our final mileage was 2.51 miles.

Announcements/ Moleskin/ COT
There were no major announcements, aside from the next workouts. Everyone check slack. Jang did remind us of the Greenwing event this Sunday.
A few prayer concerns were mentioned and YHC took us out in prayer.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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