• When: 05-25-2018
  • Workout Style: We Runnin
  • QIC: Jang A Lang
  • PAX: Bunion, The Drive, Steamer, Lassie, Madoff, Frosted, Big Mick, Crabby, Squealer, Shroom , Graco, My T, Deebo, Rooney, Flip, Poca, Deuce, Mee Mee, Knotty, Bed Sore
  • AO: Back Blasts, Beaufort, BRR, Rolling AO, Stampede

22 highly motivated Cartericans met to the Crowe Law Firm this am for a very scenic mosey. YHC put a plan in place that would offer several different mileage options for the Pax. With the BRR looming, practicing running hills is highly important. The firm parking lot began to fill and fill as the clock approached 0530. Deebo and Rooney came in hot as YHC provided the mission statement and upcoming route.

Here is how it went down—- Mosey down Turner Street, turn left on US 70 over the new bridge. At the Radio Island boat ramp, turn left onto Old Causeway road. At the end of this road, take a hard right to the Duke Marine Lab. Mosey back across the bridge to the Crowe firm where Crabby provided waters to the Pax. Several variations of this route were made. I dont know exactly what everyone did, but I do know we were greeted by an amazing sunrise upon our return trip across the new bridge. T-claps to Lassie and Frosted for getting in some extra mileage this morning. It was great to see The Drive and Deuce join this morning.

Thanks for coming out this morning men and testing out a new route. A great effort by all!

Puddles on the Hero Patriot Q tomorrow, Steamer at the Slick Cam and JWow at Field of Dreams.

The Pax has mentioned David Hesmer in our COT for several months now. Shroom informed us this morning that David has recently received a cancer free report.

Rameses took us out in prayer reminding us to notice and appreciate the natural gifts of God.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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