• When: 3/28/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Gertrude & Second Mile
  • PAX: Pocahontas, Duck Butter, Shroom, Madoff, Boss Tweed, Lassie, Aflac, Denver, Plunger, Misty, Monkey Wrench, Reef Donkey, Twitty, Winnie-the-Pooh
  • AO: Back Blasts

So it was the third anniversary of F3 for Second Mile and me. I had to look up the gift, and it is leather. Since none of the pax got us a gift we will just have to treat ourselves to some fine leather goods . . .

Here is how it went down with YHC on the Q for the first 22.5 minutes before Second Mile took over . . .


20 SSHs IC in the southeast parking lot

Sun Gods back at the flag – 10 IC forward & 10 in reverse

On to the Tree of Life for 15 Cotton Pickers IC

And then over towards Big Rock stadium, stopping along the way for Merkin’s Dog


YHC dealt the cards and different pax played the hands. The bets worked like this . . .

Dealer wins – one lap around the lot, 10 hand release burpees at the turn (this happened a lot and it was later modified to 10 hand release merkins. We kept losing because Duck Butter screwed up the entire deck by standing on 15 when the dealer was showing a 10).

Dealer gets blackjack – one lap with 21 hand release burpees at the turn (this happened once, it was awful)

Player wins – one lap with 5 merkins at the turn (happened once)

Push – one lap with 10 merkins (happened once)

Player gets blackjack – one lap only (never happened, again Duck’s fault)

We then moseyed to the closest shelter with picnic tables where Second Mile took over for . . .


Dips, Irkins and Derkins, three rounds of each, I think

Finally, we headed to the U8 soccer fields east of the flag for . . .


Partner A did balls to the wall while partner B ran suicides to cones and back until Second mile said “time”. We then moseyed to the closest shelter for some step-ups and WWIs before going back to the U8 fields for another round of Suicide Balls.  Finally, we moseyed back to the flag for . . .


American Hammers 20 IC



I think back to my first workout with Sensation on the Q and some of the things that stick out in my memory.  Mostly I remember that I struggled mightily with everything. I couldn’t finish the 25 side straddle hops during warmarama, I was barely able to run from the flag to Marlins Stadium without stopping, and I chewed through the knees on my sweat pants because I was unable to do more than three merkins. Big Mic and Nipple Shot stayed nearby and got me through that first day, somehow. I truly do not know where I would be physically, mentally and spiritually right now without F3.  Thank you all.



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