• When: 04/04/19
  • Workout Style: Court
  • QIC: Bayliner
  • PAX: Lassie, Sponge Bob, Suitcase, Shroom, Pocahantas, THE 2nd Mile, Rameses, Aflac, Madoff, Bayliner
  • AO: Back Blasts

It was an awesome morning- no rain, temps above 50, and 10 super athletic men that showed up to honor the Carterican Court.  We quickly assembled and immediately started our workout with a mosey to the basketball court for warmarama.

SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, Willie Mays Hayes, Sun Gods, lt over rt, rt over lt

Our workout began with a run over to the upper parking lot, (which on a side note, appears to be getting ready for a motorcross race with the mounds of dirt in the parking lot).  From the upper lot, we ran to the tree of life to perform 8 burpees and 8 LBC’s, and then ran back to the upper lot for 1 merkin and 1 WW1.  We continued this ladder count decreasing reps at the tree of life while increasing at the upper lot.  Once completed, we lunged to the Marlins outfield wall for a peoples chair 14 count.  Once lap around the motorcross dirt track.  Another lung to the wall and a 14 count peoples chair.  We ran to the benches and performed 3 sets of dips, erkins, and derkins before heading to the flag for some Mary.

Announcements:  Core Sound Run this Sat for all those interested.

Prayer requests-    Lil John- Surgery scheduled for April 18 at UNC.  Prayers for all of the youth in our area and their daily struggles to deal with life as a teenager.

Today was a great workout with great men that worked hard and gave it their all.  One man in particular has been giving it his all for 27 years (Madoff) as today is his wedding anniversary.  Congrats to Madoff and Jeanie on 27 years!  As always, I enjoyed it and appreciate everyone that came out this morning and to all of those that continue to keep F3 strong in our area.  Bayliner-

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