• When: 10/01/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Jang-A-Lang, Duck Butter, Bayliner, Suitcase (Respect), Lassie, Big Mic, Gertrude (Respect), Madoff (Respect), Water Wings, Poca, Crabby, Debo, Squeeler, Second MIle, Puddles (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Table Setter

15 men gathered on a pleasant October morning to get stronger and faster.  YHC was not sure of what sort of workout to bring forth today.  After waking Sunday morning  stiff and sore, the Table Setter workout was looking more and more like a gentle mosey with some stuff thrown in  to make it seem legit. After a couple of Advil were popped, things seemed to loosen up and the soreness beat a retreat.  After lugging boxes, bed frames and furniture Saturday for people that had no idea where they were going to sleep that night YHC was not going to let a mild discomfort stop the PAX form getting their monies worth.  After chucking the “B” workout YHC decided to throw coals to the fire and workout “A” was implemented.  With no FNG’s and all PAX seasoned vets, the Mission Statement and Disclaimer were aborted and off we moseyed toward 4th Street.  We stopped just short of the end of 4th for some warm ups which included Merkins of different varieties, down dog, left over rt and rt over left.  YHC made sure the PAX noticed the two cones on either side of the street.

We moseyed to the end of the street where YHC gave the instructions for the first set of exercises: 15 burpees followed by 15  Squats.  Then run to the set of cones  that the PAX was introduced to just moments before, do 15 burpees followed by 15 squats, etc. until each PAX had completed those two exercises 5 times.   The option was offered to do 5 burpees followed by 5 squats and repeat 3 times in order to get to the final count of 15.  This is a good example of giving what I thought were perfectly clear instructions but YHC’s lack of clarity was obvious.  The PAX was a tad confused but after the first set all was good and the burpee beat down went down just fine.  Perhaps the PAX heard the number 15 and the word burpee spoken in the same sentence and immediately went in to protection mode and did not listen to the options YHC was offering.  Perhaps what YHC was saying was not nearly as clear as it should have been.  YHC’s best guess is the confusion was probably the result of both.

Next up was an Indian run towards the BASK  stopping at the fountain for 20 dips and and running on to the park for a little bear crawl action then running west a bit more. We stopped at the gravel parking lot and YHC brought to the attention of the PAX a boat some 100 yards or so away.  There was a cone placed just shy of the boat.  The instructions were run to the cone, do 10 Merkins S/C followed by 30 LBC’s I/C.  Then lay and pray (lay on your back, gaze at the stars) until YHC called GO!  At that point the PAX was to rise quickly and sprint back to the intersection, do 8 Merkins followed  by LBC’s, lay and pray until the GO was called, etc.  We did this until we were down for a 2 count on the Merkins while keeping the LBC counts between 15 and 20.  We then started over, used the same counts but did WW1’s OYO rather than LBCs.

Gassed, we moseyed back to the Park and the chains running between the posts, knocking out 10 standard dirkins, 10 wide arm dirkins an finally 5 diamond dirkins.

Quickly, we moseyed back to the fountain for one more round of dips then partner carries back to Southern Salt.  From there it was jail break to the Sanitary.

Jang led the PAX in Mary.  Announcements, check Slack for the workouts tomorrow.  Continued prayers for Lassie’s brother were asked for, along for all those affected by the storm and Water Wings asked for prayer for himself and his Dad. YHC took us out.

YHC learned a lesson about clarity when calling an exercise.  It was a good learning experience.  As always it was fun and a pleasure to lead.

Puddles out.

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