• When: 04/01/19
  • Workout Style: BANDS
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC rolled up to the famous Bands AO only to find Wilson ready to go but sitting in his truck. YHC got out to check the wind factor on the cutting board, when he heard a lone voice in the darkness. It was Pedro huddled up by the Red Fish Grill reminding YHC no wind here. These guys need to start checking the weather report, man tights are OK in April. It will be about 8 weeks before the crowds begin to gather for the most expensive crap shoot in all of fishing. Hope the winds are calm by then. Hot Box showed in less clothing than his first stay. Found out he just transferred here from Miami and reminded us that it is cold. Miami this morning was 69 degrees but it felt like 71, give NC a couple of months and we will get there. He also came to the realization that Duck Butter doesn’t attend workouts. He just EH’s others into posting. Flanders and Devlin McGregor were true to their HC. Of course, when you can get an HC in church it carries some weight. 3 F’s given and Pedro joined YHC for the mission statement, in perfect unison. Thought it was important to give the 5 core principles for Hot Box because I am sure he hasn’t heard them before.


Mosey around the triangle. Wilson was quick with the, “It’s about time for Shaft to show up”. LOL PAX. Stop at the first place out of the wind for SSH’s x 20, Sun Gods x 10 each way and Abe Vigoda’s x 10. Continue our Mosey around the triangle, when a car goes by…you guessed it Shaft. YHC took the PAX to get a band and pick him up. Mosey the opposite way around the triangle and stop at the next place out of the wind for Cotton Pickers x10, Hillbillies x 10 and Good Mornings x 10. Mosey to Pedro’s out of the wind place.


Curls, each hand, Squats, Chest Press, seated Row, Chest Pull and Lat Pull all x 20. YHC had a little trouble getting his band over the beam. Yes I am short with no vertical.

To the streets for wind sprints starting at Red Fish and running to the end of the block up, back up and back. Mosey around the triangle. Stop at the corner and one more sprint to Red Fish.

Rinse and repeat Band exercises x 15, Sprints, Mosey and a Sprint

Rinse and repeat Band exercise x 10, Sprints. And a request. Devlin asked for some Mary time. Not sure if he was trying to get out of running or he really liked Mary.




WW1’S X20


Prayers for Shafts friend having surgery, John Jenkins, Laettner’s M. YHC took us out.

It was good to see such a strong group of dedicated men on a windy Monday. Devlin and Flanders look like they are ready to become regulars again. Wilson is always there steady as always. I think he was happy not be alone, Pedro is the poster child for what F3 can do for you. Shaft maybe 5 minutes late but he shows and Hot Box has that new guy fire in his eye that none of us should lose. We should all be excited to get up and post with one another each day. When you show you make yourself better and someone else as well.


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