• When: July 31, 2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Plunger, Shroom, Frosted Flake, Aflac, Costanza, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Doogie (Respect), Suitcase (Respect), Puddles (Respect), Ron Burgandy (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Queen Ann's Revenge, Rotary Park

10 men gathered in the gloom of Rotary Park in hopes of getting a work out in before another deluge hit Carterico.

Let me call your attention to the PAX that attended this morning:  Exactly half were Respect guys. Congratulations to all that posted on a wet Tuesday but a special shout out to our Respect men.  Well done!

With Monkey Wrench as our official time keeper, the one minute warning was given and we were soon off to meet with Holiday Mansion and his brethren for a convergence Warm-A-Rama. We then moseyed back towards our starting point and the driest part of the field YHC could find. Two 5 gallon buckets, each filled to 75% or so of capacity with semi wet beach sand awaited the PAX.  The instructions were simple enough.  After previously counting off, the #1 man would grab the buckets and hustle after the other 9 who were sprinting to the end of the field, maybe 50 yards or so away.  Upon arrival, the 9 would do Merkins untll the bucket toter arrived.  This would repeat until all 10 had their turn running with the buckets while the PAX did various exercises while waiting for the buckets to arrive.   YHC had figured 1 round would be sufficient.  After round one it was clear the PAX could handle more so off we went, the buckets chasing the 9 for one more  round.  What surprised me (but shouldn’t have) was how quickly the men ran with those buckets.   Rather than begin an exercise while waiting on the buckets (which were getting there only seconds behind the others) we waited for the bucket man to get to the PAX, and we all exercised together.  YHC began to run out of exercises to perform at each end so I called on the guys to bail me out.  They came through in a pinch.

Smoked by this time, we partnered up for some wheel barrow fun.  Down and back twice while switching half way if needed.   Shoulders screaming by now.   Then two rounds of fireman carries, again switching out as needed.  YHC had planned on some bear crawls at this point but if you can’t do it, don’t Q it, right? I could not do it.

Next we walked, yes walked to the picnic shelter for some Dips, 20 count I/C, Erkins, 10 S/C and Derkins 10 S/C. Times two.  We then moved the picnic tables nearly together and did 10 Merkins with left hand and left foot on one bench and right hand and right foot on the other bench for one last round of Merkin fun.

Last, YHC called for a jail break to the Rotary Park sign.  Said sign turned out to be a row of mailboxes.  Time for Mary as YHC is now hallucinating and can’t tell the difference between a mail box and a sign.  Jail break back to the trucks for a little Mary.

We had just enough time for a couple of cool down exercises.  There we no announcements.  YHC asked for prayers for Tommy Creech and Ray Ballentine.  There was one other request but my memory fails me on it.  The Lord knows and that’s what counts.

Shroom took us out with a heartfelt prayer.

It was a pleasure to lead today.  Hopefully we can get back to a dry field and our A shoes soon.



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