• When: 12/10/2019
  • Workout Style: Block Party
  • QIC: Pasqually
  • PAX: Cheech Backup Couch Frank Dinghy FNG Mickey 2.0 FNG Running bear 2.0 FNG Purplerain Tony Romo Maytag Cat fight Pillbox Faceplant Ditka 2.0 Griswold Pasqually McSketti Sparkles Linus
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived the western end of Carterico, known at the Boondocks to Q what would be his second favorite Q of the week.

So excited to share his Block part with the west as many did not get to come to the party at the Kraken or the Knarr

The Pax meet, No disclaimer as Gert said they are pointless. Flawless mission statement.

Rolling warm a rama was preformed

The thing was a short mosey the THC truck to grad a few Block. Romo peeled back to grad Bricks for the 3 2.0’s and Purplerain.

The Thing

Merkind, Derkins, Urkins, done with your block


With Blocks, Curls, OH press, Tricep curls, French Curls


Wall sit s with the following, Block in lap, OH Press, Arm extension and hold, Block in Lap, Balls to wall was called while holding your #$ock ******Side note much laughter and jokes form 2.0’s on this one. The 2.0’s kind of remind me of how grown men act at F3. Apologies to F3 Dads as the explain this one when the school Principle calls today.

Lt Dans across parking Lot

with Block, One arm raised Merkins, Switch arms, Roll Over for skull crushers


Rinse and Repeated with a few modifications.

Indian run as 2.0’s requested that we do this

Pax quickly did a little Mary

Announcements made, You should have been there if you wanted to know what they where.

Romo took Pax out in BOM

Pasqually enjoyed his trip out west, impressive turn out by 2.0’s, Welcome FNG’s Dinghy and his 2.0s

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