• When: 11/06/17
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Lunchbox
  • PAX: Pillbox (respect), Lil’ Smokey, Couch Potato (respect), Purple Rain, Laettner, Lunchbox
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Green Mile

It was a gloomy, foggy morning in western Carterico as YHC crossed the EI bridge heading to the AO. Up ahead I could see Couch Potato making his standard run to meet the rest of the Pax. I rolled in to see the rest of the Pax milling around and Purple Rain I believe was out getting a little standard in also. We all circled up as Couch Potato and Purple Rain both came moseying up. A 1 minute warning was given and YHC went right into a flawless mission statement. After many queries about the chances that Snookie might show up, we hit our 5:30 hard start time and headed out. No Snookie. Everyone headed out down the bike path on 58 towards the pier. The group quickly separated as each man pushed for his own goal. I was pleased to have Pillbox hang out with this slow fat guy and keep me company. We got in a little over 3 miles and some 2nd F along the way. It may not be up to theDipper’s standards, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. YHC and Pillbox made it back a couple minutes early, so we headed down Coast Guard Rd to the first drive and circled back to the Beach Mart parking lot. We met Laettner and Purple Rain in the parking lot and Laettner encouraged us all to head out to bring in the 6. As we depart, they round the corner and we have a short mosey together back to the vehicles for a 6:15 hard stop. Announcements and prayer requests were given and Purple Rain took us out in prayer. It was nice to have Lil’ Smokey with us today. Team “Bringing Sexy Back” is in it to win it.  As always, I’m humbled to lead you great men.


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