• When: 04/30/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Aflac
  • PAX: Second Mile, Ramses, Puddles, Gertrude, Bayliner, Jang a Lang, Winnie the Poo, Mee Mee, Bed Sore, Pineapple, Lassie, Big Mic
  • AO: Back Blasts

One of the things that Is a Table Setter standard is the bridge run on the 1st Monday of the month. Today was not the 1st Monday of the month but it was close. As the pax started to gather, YHC gave the 1 minute warning. Gert asked if we were running the bridge and I could see Bed Sore give MeeMee the look. Apparently MeeMee left out the possibility of running the bride until he and Bed Sore were almost to the park. T claps Bed Sore for pushing through this morning.

Mission Statement and disclaimer were given and we headed down Evans St. Stopping one block short of the Church for Warmarama.

– The Windmill x 10 IC

-Cotton Picker x 10 IC

-Right over left stretch. Left over Right

-Sun Gods x 15 IC forward and reverse

-Down Dog stretch

-Hand Release Merkin x 15 IC

It was time to head further west. We stopped at the base of the bridge for

-10 Merkins SC

-10 double wide merkins SC

-10 diamond meekins SC

-15 LBC SC

YHC next instructed the pax to head over the bridge. Once you cleared the half way point and had plenty of time between cars coming, each pax would perform 20 merkins and continue to the Channel Marker bench. Looking at a glorious sun rise, we performed

-20 dips IC

-15 LBC IC

-20 derkins SC

-20 erkins SC

Time to head back over the bridge stopping at Evans St. Once the six was in, we performed 20 double wide merkins SC and 10 low slow flutters IC.

Heading back east, we ran 3 blocks and stopped for

-10 plank jacks IC

-20 standard merkins

Running two more blocks and stopping for

-10 mountain climbers IC

-20 diamond merkins IC

We then ran the final 2 blocks stopping at 16th St for

– box cutter x 10 IC

-Freddie murcery x 10 IC

-American Hammer x 10 IC

Back to the flag for hard stop.

Big Mic took us out with a great prayer.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning fellas




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