PAX:  Spinal Tap, Boss Tweed (RESPECT RESPECT), Wi-Fi (RESPECT), Twitty, Reef Donkey, Wilson, Shroom, Denver, Blue Cross, Creflo Dollar, Duck Butter

For the record, YHC was a late addition to the Q schedule.  Nippleshot is in Vegas on “business” and asked for a substitute.  His business trip includes a private concert with 80s icon Jon Bon Jovi, comped meals at the Belagio, and a per diem of $7500.  It’s good work if you can get it.  Tclaps Nip.

The slack machine was abuzz last night with HCs and @s being thrown all over the place.  The Crabby one himself opined that all the studs would be at the Stampede.  He couldn’t have been more wrong.  He probably doesn’t even know, because we all know he slept in.  Again.

Welcomed and disclaimed the PAX set off into the teeth of a gale force wind, headed towards the west out of the Sweet Beans parking lot.  As we rucked towards the back of Lowes Foods, we all learned why the Rucky Duck is so popular.  The only cat I know that actually can fellowship at the Stampede is Deebo.  He just casually runs along talking to all those he passes, sometimes hanging out for a minute to converse.  And that’s the list.  Everyone else is just a huffin and a puffin.  Lucky for the boys of the Rucky Duck, Twitty clowned car with Tweed and Wi-Fi for some Morehead living.  I will not recount the entire story he told on the first part of our “walk,” but I will say this, any story that includes a big bag of rubber dicks will hold your attention.  Steamer is now clicking on the link for this backblast because he can sense sex toy discussion anywhere.  Welcome Steam.  Missed you this morning.

Belly laughs concluded we arrived at Lowes Foods for


SSHs IC x5

Copperhead Squats IC x5

Copperhead Merkins IC x5

Repeat all IC x10, x15, and x20.  For those without an abacus we performed 50 of each exercise, all in cadence.

Packs back on and down Barbour Rd to the MCMS practice fields for

The Thang-Welcome to the Party

Circle up for a merry go pack

1 overhead press, 1 pack press squat, 8 count overhead pack hold

Then pass the pack to the left and repeat with an additional rep.  11 dudes, 11 sets up to 11 reps.

In all we did 66 overhead presses, 66 press squats, and held the packs overhead for a 528 count.

For the record…

Wi-Fi was wearing a diet ruck he borrowed from Twitty, but it was shockingly heavy for a little bag.

Shroom has approximately 18 carabineers on his pack.  Should we ever have to repel down a mountain, he’s our guy.

Blue Cross’ pack has a hinge.  It folded directly in half.

Twitty’s pack was full of rubber dicks.  Beaufort rules I guess.

Spinal Tap’s pack leaked sand the entire time.  Thanks a lot Big Mic.

Tweed’s pack weighed in at 27.43 pounds.  A weird weight I’ll grant you.  But upon further research, it just so happens that a 400 troy ounce bar of gold weighs….you guessed it 27.43 pounds.  The rest of us are carrying steel ruck plates, and Tweed is totin’ a gold bar.  Unreal.

Reef Donkey’s pack still had mule meat in it from Montana, plus his ruck plates.  So that thing weighed 52 pounds.  Unfortunately, Denver drew that pack for the reps of 11.  Sorry D.  I am glad to report that YHC got the Reef pack for the reps of 2.  My Gert-like instincts to find the path of least resistance are growing stronger.

Finished with the merry go packs we hustled over to the end line of the soccer field.  The PAX lined up shoulder to shoulder for a 35 yard bear crawl.  Once the six was in, we went packs off and did the dreaded low crawl pack drag back to the end line.  This was not easy and I’m proud to report every single man completed the exercise.  Awesome job.  Wilson, however, was not amused at how dirty his pack got while he drug it.

Recovery mosey the length of the field, around the opposite soccer goal and back.  Packs back on the front this time and we began the mosey back to Sweet Beans.  We kept our packs on our front all the way to the corner of Myrtle St.  We were almost run over by a geriatric in a supped up Caddy but Creflo reminded us all to be kind and rewind.  Situation averted.  Thanks Creflo.

We rucked it back to the Sweet Beans parking lot at exactly 0631.

Annoucements that we knew were made.

Prayer Concerns

David Hesmer

Doublemint’s 2.0

Doublemint himself

And a praise for the recovery of a child in Spinal Tap’s homeschool group.  Little girl had an accident, kicked by a horse or fell off a horse, but is recovering amazingly well at Vidant in Greenville.

We were taken out by Spinal Tap in his usual elegance and joy.

Game day today.  This is the best I could do.  Monkey you still reading?

Honored to lead the parade today men.

DB out


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