• When: 03/08/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: WiFi (respect), Boss Tweed (respect respect), Flipova, Bunion, Graco, Shroom, Pocahontas, Duck Butter, Lifealert, Emery Ivey (FNG Hog Slat)
  • AO: Back Blasts, Man-O-War

Pax assembled at the familiar Dock House parking lot rally point on a crisp 36° morning under a fulgent waning gibbous moon. Boss Tweed rustled up a FNG, so YHC was determined to give the young lad a proper introduction to this lifestyle called F3.

So with 3Fs explained, mission statement stated (over the cacophonous mumblechatter of DB, Flip and Bun Bun), and disclaimer gently disclaimed, Pax darted west toward wagon wheel/turntable/Gilligan’s Corner. Immediately, the nascent Graco/Bunion kayak-lottery dispute flared, providing entertainment until we stopped at the bank for:


SSH, Windmill, Cotton Picker, Sun gods back and forward, Hillbilly, and Monkey Humpers to celebrate the FNG. Mosey over to Tweed Marina for:


Grab a paver and circle up

Upright Row X 10 IC, Curl X 10 IC, Tricep Curl X 10 IC, WWI X 10 SC

Adjourn to curb for Wheel of Merkin:  Irkin on curb X 10 SC, rotate, Right hand on curb Merkin X 10 SC, rotate, Derkin on curb X 10 SC, rotate, Left hand on curb Merkin X 10 SC

Mosey back to your paver, Repeat first set, then CAREFULLY replace paver where found on sea wall.

With THANG 1 complete, YHC assembled pax into Dipper Run formation and we vectored  East to explore new territory and begin THANG 2:

Left on Fulford St until Dipper Run deteriorated into randomly paced jog, arriving at destination: new basketball ball court in area YHC will christen Northeast Territories.

On basketball court:

Bropee SC X 5, Lt Dan to other end, Squats SC X 20, Sprint back  Rinse and repeat

At this point, with much grumbling over the phenomenon known as Hard Stop, YHC turned Pax toward home.  Graco took off like Jang leaving work at 4:59pm, perhaps believing YHC’s earlier assertion of kayak ticket for first pax back to Dock House.

Reassemby at virtual shovel flag with strong work by Flip and Shroom circling back for the 6.  2.8 Miles covered for potential Man o’ War mileage record.

Pax circled up with tingling excitement for:


FNG Emery Ivey, EH’d by Boss Tweed, became Hog Slat. Great job Hog Slat and welcome to F3! I swear it’s not a cult.

Prayer requests:  For family of Carol Dixon, for Shroom’s friend David Hesmer

COT with YHC on the prayer. Pax were treated to coffee and a biscuit generously provided by Boss Tweed on the Dock House patio. TClaps BT!

Always an honor to lead the Beaufort Pax!





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