YHC is always excited when his 2.0, Worldcup, asks to come along to an F3 workout.  It’s another way to know you are plugged in to the interests of your family and a solid bonding experience where the next gen can see how the men interact.

YHC and 2.0 arrived 5 min early to find Tony Romo, Navy, and Weinstein getting our of their vehicles.  No sign of Buttoncap, who was comfortably fartsacking, so I guess it will wait another week for the hand off of the Site Q of the Prometheus.

Hard Start 5:15, perfection in speed delivery of the mission statement and core principals.  YHC goal was +3 miles in the allotted 60 min with the back half of the ruck as the return on the beach, and hopefully an awesome sunrise.

At the half way mark we break from the ruck, drop packs, and do 5 sets of hill runs just for a little quad burn.  Yes there is a hill, not a sand dune, on Emerald Isle.  Tony Romo confirmed it was a hill, so it must be true.  One partner runs up the hill and back down while the second partner does AMRAP burpees, rinse repeat for 2 sets, 3/4/5 sett AMRAP squats.  Packs back on and down to the sand for the second half of the ruck down the beach.

The tide was up so we had a mixed ground of hard and soft sand.  3 set of packs held extended overhead for a little shoulder burn as we continue on.  Returning on time to the Bouge Inlet Pier parking lot at 6:15 for the Hard Stop. +3 miles logged, nice work gentlemen.

COT and prayers for: Blart and family, Purple Rain, Cooter.  Thanks to Buttoncap for letting me Q.

Until next time – Pillbox



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