• When: 11/07/2017
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Bunyon, Jang-A-Lang , Wifi (Respect) Boss Tweed, Duck Butter, Flip Ova, Aflac, Graco, Twitty, Little Smokey, Steamer, Puddles
  • AO: Beaufort, Clam Digger

Twelve Pax gathered in the gloom at the Beaufort Waterfront for a little core work.   Before going any further, let YHC take this time on behalf of all the PAX to welcome back Boss Tweed!  Great to see you Boss.  You were looking strong and tackled those Merkins and Planks head on.  T-Claps to you!  At 0530 the Pax was welcomed, mission statement was perfectly recited, disclaimers stated and off we went.  We left the parking lot of the Dock House and headed west to the circle at the end of Front St., backtracking toward the Dockhouse and stopping just shy of the Watercraft Center and entering the newly constructed public picnic area.  We promptly renamed it the Beaufort Cutting Board.


Right over left, then left over right for 15 seconds.

Downward dog then baby cobra.

10 SSH I/C

The Thang

Next up was the Merkin challenge.  Very simple exercise:  how many merkins, in good form can a Pax perform in 3 minutes.  YHC has done this exercise a few times and it never ceases to amaze me how hard you hit a wall.  The first 20 to 30 reps are no problem.  After that, most guys are doing 5 or so at a time before resting for a few seconds Then you’re down to 3 reps and the closer you get to the 3 minute mark, well it’s a struggle to just pull off one rep. The scorecard would look something like this: Less than 55 reps is below average.  55 to 74 is average.  75 to 99 is good.  100 to 110 is excellent and over 111 is beast mode.  After a minute or so recovery we moseyed back  down Front St. going west.  We stopped at the circle a few rounds of this:

All the following were OYO

10 squats

10 lunges (5 each leg)

10 WWI’s

Bear crawl to the second cone approx. 15 yards away.  Sprint from there to the 3rd cone which was 20 yards away.   Do 25 LBC.  Jog back to first cone and repeat 3 times

Next, a recovery jog back to the cutting board for some more core work. Word must have gotten out since one of the Pax said “we aren’t doing a 4 minute plank drill again, are we”.  Nope.  We were doing a 5 minute plank drill.  Mumble Chattered increases.  We go to plank with the first 2 minutes or so going pretty well.  Then Duck Butter pipes up and  starts telling a joke that somehow involved a naked Indian man in the middle of the desert sporting an erection. By this time we are on about minute 3:30 and YHC is shaking to badly to really follow along with Duck’s joke.  Everyone was laughing so it must have been a good one.  Sorry Duck, but between the shakes and focus of not dropping I lost the punch line.  At the 5 minute mark we all pretty much collapsed.  We recovered for a minute or so then went back to the street.  YHC had one more trick up his sleeve, this one involving a burpee count down.  But truth be told, YHC was spent and the burpee countdown would have to wait.  Jang mentioned an Indian run and that was exactly what we needed to do, but not before doing 10 burpees.  That being done, we ran down front street and hung a right onto the boardwalk where we encountered a group of 7 or so practicing yoga.  You couldn’t pick a nicer spot to run or do yoga.  The Pax all circled back for a quick 3 exercise Mary. YHC asked for announcements and prayer requests.  Boss Tweed offered up a heart felt thank you to all that visited, send cards, posted messages, etc. during his recovery.  It meant a lot to him and it was obvious he appreciated each and every effort to reach out.  YHC asked for announcements and prayer requests.  None being offered, we circled in prayer and YHC took us out..

One last thing:  At the end of the count off, I heard the number 13 called out last.  My video shows 12, including YHC.  Not sure how I would have skipped someone while filming but it may have happened.  I’ve racked my brain and can’t come up with the 13th man, if indeed there were 13 of us.  If I’ve left one out, it was purely accidental. Let me know who you are!

It was certainly a beautiful morning for a strong workout.  No more merkin or plank challenges from me for awhile.  As always it was a pleasure to lead this fine group of men.  Great effort fellows.  All that upper body and core work is not easy.


Puddles out.


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