• When: 05/29/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Big Mic
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Sparkles, Cooter, Maytag, Matlock, Tony Romo, Couch Potato, Dice, Tony Romo, Navy and Griswald 
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Baptist Church


12 with the Q showed up to get work done and sharpen iron at the boonedocks. Seeing as how YHC spent the last few weeks making a trip out west to hang with these men on Tuesdays mornings I knew they would be ready roll. So we shook off what was left of Memorial Day chili dipping, jumped in with a pretty darn close mission proclamation and disclaimer and started to mosey across the street to the bank for


hillbilly’s ic X 20

SSH X 20

SG X 10 both ways

Cotton picker X 10

Mosey to the Lowe’s parking lot Hill for

The Thang

-11’s with burpees and wojo squats while  ascending and descending the Hill between sets. One burpee at bottom, run to top of hill for 10 wojo. Run down hill for 2 burpees and back up hill for 9 wojo. Repeat until ladder is complete

  • Thang #2 catch me if you can with WWI sit-ups progressing to 5: partner a starts running around a loop about 80 yards in a circle. Partner b does 1 WWI sit up and the. Gets up to sprint and catch partner a. Tag partner A and he does 1 WW1 sit-up while partner B continues around the loop. Partner a sprints to tag partner b and so on until each person in 2 man group completes 5 reps of WWI sit-ups and sprints to catch partner.
  • 2 columns Indian run back to church for…..
  • Thang #3: 3 rounds of 10 second wall sits, 15 rep Balls to wall mountain climbers IC, curb pushups IC X 10, air press IC X 10
  • Mosey to the flag for..Mary
  • LSF X 25
  • Dyeing cockroach X 25
  • 1 min stretch and I was chastised correctly for this. Stretch on your own



  • Prometheus will happen
  • Launch Ding batter secret AO this Saturday am. Check slack
  • Barts wife surgery
  • Couch potato wife ACL surgery
  • We want to buy meals and supplies for our highschool teachers for a continuing ed class this summer. Can be purchased $10 at Chick-fil-A or direct message me on slack or cell 2526227615. Want to get them all sold this week
  • Namarama and YHC took us out in prayer
  • Special thanks to griswald who saved my butt again from dehydration at the end of the workout

Privilege to lead the western pax this am!


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