When: 9/12/17

QIC- Button Cap

The PAX- Couch Potato (Respect), Plebe, Sparkles, Maytag, Pigeon, Purple Rain, Lunchbox, Laettner, Strokes (ENC), Griswold, Mcmuffin

Gather, 5 min., 1 Min., Mission Statement Given

Down Anita Forte for a warm-up mosey stopping at the intersection with Loma Linda.


SSH x 15

2 burpees

Windmills x 15

2 burpees

R o L x 10

L o R x 10

S b S x 10

2 Burpees

Goofballs x 10

Mosey (sorry laettner you’ll get those extra 2 burpees next time)

The Thang

stop Mosey at Anita Forte and Neptune

Burpees x 10 OYO

Lt. Dan down Neptune until Neptune Ct. Mosey down Neptune Court and circle up in the court for Merkin Ring of Fire

Each PAX 5 merkins, hold plank for rest of PAX continue, 4, 3, 2 (hand release) 1 (hand release)

Mosey To corner of Neptune and Yaupon for 10 More OYO Burpees

Long Mosey to Yaupon and HWY 24

Monkey Humpers x 10 (pretty sure Laettner was that kid that liked to moon people on road trips)

Boss Tweed x 10

Bear Crawl Catch me if you can, Rear Pax does 5 merkins, runs to front of the line tapping the last man on the way….rest of PAX is busy bear crawling down the Highway….YHC was last man to go and ordered mosey back to parking lot.

BTW x 10 count per man (except Maytag, he was calling “down”, “Down,” for 30 seconds, not sure what he was doing) Mumblechatter strong at this point.

Peoples chair x 10 per man (still some confusion with maytag and how to count to ten)

BTW x 5 (still can’t quite get it right maytag)

Peoples Chair x 5 (not sure we did this but we were supposed to)

Gather for Mary

Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Leg Climbers x 15 (except left leg climber was 10, gotta keep em guessing)

Prayers for those recovering from Harvey, Irma and request to keep Jose at bay. Also still praying for snookie and his M in their continued batlle with cancer. Thanks to strokes for coming out on vacation. Griswold on Prometheus….not Laettner,

Purple Rain took us out in prayer, it was an honor to lead this morning gentleman, thanks for the keys Purple Rain.


Enjoyed this morning very much. Except for a refreshing mist the rain held off, winds were enough to cool you down but not knock you over, no lightning. We did more moseying than usual with YHC but he is getting stronger, faster and BETTER and hopes you are too! As maytag always says….SYITMFG



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