A PAX of 7 gathered at the Bogue Inlet Pier this morning for a beach ruck. With Vice and Costanza making it with a minute to spare, the welcome was given and it was off to the beach heading west.

After a half mile in and much talk about Jeeps between Griswold and White Boots, the PAX circled up for Squats (15) Sun Gods (15) and Merkins (25).

Back to it with the jeep talkers pace getting slower and slower while YHC and Ru Paul simply enjoyed the beauty of the gloom, stars and the sound of the waves. Around a mile in, the PAX gathered again. Ruck sacks off and continue walking west while performing Curls (25) Overhead Press (25) Curls (25) Overhead Press (25). After about 1.5 miles, YHC turned the PAX around to head back towards the Pier. Lady Bug commented along the way that he felt someone was moving it further away. Great push by him and the 9-11 VQ Stair Ruck man himself, Vice!

2.4 Miles and the Pax took the rucks off again for another walking round of Curls (25) Overhead Press (25) Curls (25) Overhead Press (25). Back to it with the push to make it to 3 miles. Arriving at the pier, PAX dropped for one more set of Merkins (25) and then it was off towards the doughnut shop Buttoncap mentioned to see if he decided to simply post for Coffeeteria. He did not. Made it back to the cars right at 6:15 for a hard stop. Awesome push today by the PAX. Costanza joining us from the East is always a pleasure as is working out with each man from F3.

Maytag on the Q at the Rolling Stone tomorrow. Remember the people affected by the storms and the ones still brewing in the ocean. YHC took us out in prayer. Thanks for letting me Q Buttoncap. We can get doughnuts next time I guess!


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