Princess brought the party as only a seasoned party master such as himself could do.  YHC pulled in early to the Greatest AO in Carterico this morning and there was already a bunch of activity going on.  Griswold, Navy and our Raleigh brother Buzzfeed were working up a sweat and in comes Purple Rain to join the extra credit crew.

I scouted out the track area and decided against it since it was too dark and I needed assurance that I could read my winkie if need be.  With the advent of the smart phone, my memory bank is shot.  Deciding on The Dirty Mac Deuce the night before I was concerned about forgetting one of the 12 different exercises.  (btw, I ended up only needing it once near the end)

I returned back to the flag and found the population had grown.  12 PAX waiting 3 minutes before hard start and that’s when my theme song (LOWRIDER!!) begins courtesy of Princess. Haha!  Thanks man. Hard start! Oh wait, is that Maytag high sidin’ on 2 wheels around the corner?  It damn sure is.  It’s burpee time!  3 burpees in before YHC delivers a flawless, yet, uninspired pronouncement of our mission statement and 5 core principles.  (Thanks for calling me out on that one Griswold.  Being pep rally worthy at O’dark thirty, I’ve never been accused of.  YHC will try to work on this! 😉


SSH ICx15 then mosey

Imperial Walkers (thanks for taking the hillbilly out of me Purple Rain, Lol) ICx15 then mosey

Cheech’s Girl Fights ICx15 each direction then mosey

With the mumble chatter getting thicker I decided it’s time to dampen some Tarheel spirits with one of Duke’s finest…or foulest…tomato…tomata

Thang 1

11’s – Side shuffle Bobby Hurleys on a 4 count across parking lot with derkins on one side and sumo squats on the other.

This took a little longer than expected.  With our quads on fire, the mumblechatter diminished substantially. Off we mosey towards the elementary school parking lot

Thang 2

Dirty Mac Deuce – 4 sets, 3 ICx10 exercises per set, palette cleanser lap around parking lot after each set

Set 1

Merkins, Squats, LBCs

Set 2

Diamond Merkins, Copperhead Squats, Freddy Mercuries

Set 3

Double Wide Merkins, Al Gores (20 count), Box Cutters

Set 4

Spider Merkins, Side Leg Lifts each side, American Hammers,

The side leg lifts threw the PAX into a tailspin as some were forced to stare uncomfortably into the eyes of their brothers whilst performing FIA signature moves.  Some even began channeling their inner Olivia by singing Let’s Get Physical.  Quite an uncomfortable situation to be honest which is why it shall be repeated again one day.  Ha!

With 8 minutes left we mosey back to the flag and circle up for our favorite outro exercise…The Supermans led by our true blue brother, Couch Potato.  1 minute later and it’s hard stop.

So concludes YHC’s 1st year anniversary with a solid group of men that have helped mold me into a better husband, employee and contributor to society.  Thanks for the privilege to lead gentlemen and thanks for reminding me that my anniversary was today Princess!  Almost missed it.  Ha!

Cheech out




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