Pulled into Fort Benjamin with just a few minutes to spare. Was hoping to get there earlier but I was moving a little slow this morning. The PAX were already there so I drove past them so they couldn’t see what I had in store. Set up my little speaker and attached today’s workout to the concession stand wall and drove back over to the PAX with 1 minute to spare. Mission statement and disclaimer given, we were off for the .04 mile mosey (which was the warmarama) to the concession stand. Gave a little instruction and hit play on the playlist I had created for this workout. Taped to the wall was: (couldn’t post a pic)


20 Burpees

100 Donkey Kicks

100 Catalina Wine Mixer

100 LBC’s

100 Merkins

100 SSH

100 Squats

100 Calf Raises

100 Shoulder Taps

20 Burpees

(all SC OYO)

Rinsa and Repeat!

All of this while some of my favorite Metallica songs played in the background.

All of us got through the routine once and all got started on the second round. With a hard stop we went back the .04 miles to the flag.

Annoucements non really

Griswold took us out praying for Doublemint and his family as well as Crabby Englishman and his family

What I learned today:

Pasqually is a audio expert

Lunchbox was raised by ninjas

Buckeye’s favorite musical artist is Toni Basil

Laetner secretly counts other PAX’s reps

Griswold….well Griswold is just Griswold

Until tomorrow…..



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