PAX:  Winnie the Pooh, Thunder Bob, Nipple Shot, Space Jam, Hot Lava, Reef Donkey, Twitty, Ron Burgundy (RESPECT), Gertrude (RESPECT), Falwell (F3 High Point), Graco, Madoff, WiFi (RESPECT), Bunyon, Duck Butter


Beaufort rules.  The sooner you guys figure this out, the better off we’ll all be.  Let me tell you some reasons why Beaufort rules.

  1. Tweed Marina
  2. 83 bridges to drive over and across, coming and going
  3. Sunrise on Front St.
  4. Awnings on rainy days
  5. AOs everywhere
  6. Chances for Fathers and Sons to sweat together

Keeping in mind all that Beaufort offers, one can really dial up so many different kinds of workouts.  Which brings us to today’s, err two weeks ago, Man O’War.  Big Mic picked off Poca from our clown car posse, however the Madoff clown car ended up being heavy two, with Falwell posting from High Point, and Hot Lava getting another morning weekday morning workout in.  There must have been texting or xboxing going on last night, err a bunch of nights ago, because as everyone began to circle up at the Dock House Space Jam rolled in with his dad or PawPaw Gertrude and Thunder Bob rolled in with Nipple Shot.

In all 14 Carterican warriors, and one off lander would post in America’s favorite small town.  Welcomed, disclaimed, and core principled the PAX set off easterly for the Beaufort Cutting Board for


Cotton Pickers IC x15 (Twitty is already uneasy)

Windmills IC x15 (Twitty begins looking around)

Sun Gods IC forward x10, overhead claps x10, reverse x10 (Twitty begins tweaking)

SSH IC x20 (Twitty breaths sigh of relief)

And we head off for

Thang 1-Merkin Mile (or maybe a little more)

PAX leaves the cutting board and runs one block east to Moore St and performs 10 merkins single count.

PAX then runs north two blocks to Broad St and performs 20 merkins single count.

PAX then runs three blocks east and performs 15 merkins IC.

PAX then runs four blocks east and performs 20 merkins IC.  Gertrude infors YHC that we don’t have enough road.  And in my best Dr Emmett Brown…roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.  Which is entirely true, because with our lack of hollow bone structure we can’t fly.  Instead we just turned and ran back towards the west three blocks and performed 15 merkins IC.

PAX then ran the two blocks back towards Front St and performed 10 merkins IC.

PAX then runs the block and a half back to Tweed Marina and perfomed 10 merkins SC.

In all it ended up being a little more like 1.5 miles and 160 merkins.  Pretty fair start.

And since we were at Tweed Marina

Thang 2-Block Party

Partnered up and with one of Tweed’s sea wall blocks to share

Partner A would perform block curls x10, 15, 20 while Partner B planked.  Flap Jack.  X3

Partner A would perform block upright rows 10, 15, 20 while Partner B did LBCs.  X3

Partner A would perform overhead block presses 10, 15, 20 while Partner B did Carolina dry docks.  X3

Partner A would perform block skull crushers 10, 15, 20 while Partner B did WWIx.  X3

Blocks were then neatly put away as to not disturb the tranquility of Tweed Marina.  The PAX then headed into Tweed Plantation for 25 Boss Tweed’s performed right there in the circle drive.

With the PAX back on the hoof, we headed back towards the Dock House with just a few minutes remaining.  Because Ron Burgundy was in the PAX, and because he doesn’t deem it an actual F3 workout without burpees, we stopped at Ye Olde Post Office for 10 burpees OYO.  Car.

PAX then ran back to the Dockhouse via the town docks and just in time for


Box cutters IC x20

Low, slow Flutters IC x20

Homer to Marge IC x20

LBCs IC x25


I apologize for the delinquency of my backblast.

DB, out.

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