• When: 01/15/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Snookie
  • PAX: Blart (respect) Ron Burgandy (respect) Buckeye Snooki
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

YHC was excited about today’s Q being it is my birthday. I had it planned out long in advance and couldn’t wait to get started. I pulled into the park right behind Blart but I went to the back Corner to unload some coupons. I saw Buckeye and Ronnie B pull in but they stayed in the warmth of their cars. Coupons in place, I left my van in the corner closest to the coupons for easier loading later. I moseyed to the parked PAX and planted my flag. Yes Laetner, I moseyed on purpose and by myself!! I didn’t like it! Pax climbed out of their steam boxes and joined me. I forgot my watch, again, so Blart was the time keeper. 2 minute warning given and Ron Burgandy informed me it would be ok to start early. Hard start 5:30 and a short mosey to the backside of the building out of the wind for warmarama:

we did 2 exercises at the same time for this one trying to be a little different. It was Squats while doing Moroccan Night Club. I called it disco at the Moroccan night club. 25 IC then dropped the squats and finished 25 more IC.

Right over left, left over right, and regular 15 seconds each. One more stretch by spreading your legs as far apart as possible and getting your head as close to the ground as possible for a 15 count

SHORT mosey to the other side of the building for a Lazy Dora

120 Merkins, p1 does merkin while p2 chill cut plank. Each does 10 merkins and switch out until 120

240 squats p1 does squats, 20 at a time, while p2 Al Gores switch every 20 until 240

360 LBC. P1 does LBC,20 at a time, p2 does protractor at 6 inches until 360

Mosey to the coupons

everyones favorite tires waiting with ropes attached. Now the plan was to have partner 1 sit on tire while partner 2 pulls 20 yards then switch for 120 yards. That was Omaha’d! Wasn’t happening! We tried.  So we each took a tire and pulled it across the park the 120 yards.

Mosey to the playground for some Mexican Jumping Pull Ups. 10 count on this. Back to the tires. Carry tires 60 yards. 15 Irkins, 15 Derkins; 10 each; then 5 each on tires. Carry tires another 60 yards to the van.

Over to the grassy corner for Monkey Humpers ring of fire. Starting at 10 then 20, 20 more back to 10. In the middle of this a guy strolled up. Not sure what his intentions were I invited him to join us. He declined then told us about the bridges being iced over. We thanked him and finished the routine. We all moseyed together to pick up the cones set out and back to the flag for Mary.

Ron Burgandy started us not with the protractor surprisingly! American Hammer IC X’s 25 Blart with Boxcutter IC 10X’s slooowwwlllyyy Buckeye with Gas Pumps IC X’s 20 I finished us up with the Protractor.

today wasn’t really a special day, just like any other. The only birthdays that matter are 18, 21, and 63. But it nice that 3 others came out this cold morning to get better by each other’s work. What else is there to say, F3 is life changing!! No more Q’s until June for me, so SYITG!



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