4 HIM met in the gloom for either a beach ruck or run in training for the blue ridge relay. A flawless mission statement was given and   Purplerain took off to log his 10 miles of running/ Brr training. The three remaining PAX discussed Purplerain’s ranger pace needed to hit the mileage and wished him well. Great to have Brockovich back in the saddle on the ruck and once again Big Bertha, the old school metal frame 50lb pack, was perched on his shoulders. Big Bertha is a beast to tote as only  Cheech can testify, but it’s even more impressive considering Brockovich is a recent shoulder surgery. If you have not done a ruck recently get in on one. The amazing stories and amount you learn of your F3 brothers is truest inspiring.

Strong 2nd F today, a sandy ruck, and a cool beach breeze is a great way to start the day. Great to share the morning with you gentleman.

Announcements. prayer concerns, Purplerain took us out with heartfelt thanks in the BOM.

Unitk next time, SYITG


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