Tough driving conditions led to adjustments for the BFT Pax.  Originally planning to make the trek across the bridge to join the rest of Carterico, we decided to stay closer to home and avoid the roads before daybreak.  Moment of silence for our fallen snow-FNG.  Established that we are, in fact, not professionals and look out for Black Ice as we sped off into the darkness.


Frozen Mosey to BB&T for:

25 xSSH IC

20 x Cotton Pickers IC

20 x Sun Gods IC

20 x Good Mornings IC

The Thang:

The PAX decided a modified Stampede is what we were after as ‘keep moving’ was the mantra of the tundra this morning.  Started East past Boss Tweed’s for 1/2 mile.

1st Stop Gerald St.:

10 x Merkins IC

20 Hilbilly Squats IC (gotta work on that coordination)

25 ct Low Slow Flutter – IC

then back to the Wester’d.

2nd Stop Gordon St.:

20 Travoltas IC

20 Mtn Climbers IC

25 Boxcutters IC w/ additional individual 10 ct hold to finish.

Continue West.

3rd Stop Marsh St.:

10 Burpees OYO

20 Turbo Hillbillies IC

Double time next Moseys to get Bunyon’s heart rate up.

4th Stop Ferry Dock:

20 Dips SC

20 Erkins IC

20 Dips SC

20 Erkins IC

5th Stop Turner St:

Peoples Chair 20 ct into One legged Peoples Chair 20 ct each leg.

Balls to the Wall 10 ct each man.

Merkin Burnout – some burned out faster than others…



Xs and Os

Donkey Kicks – apparently it is good for your lower back…

It was and impromptu adjustment due to the foul weather.  It was cold, we managed to get our heart rates up, sweat a little and beat the dreaded fart sack monster.

I would say it was a pleasure to lead, but it was a team effort.  Always a pleasure; even better when CRU is open for coffee.  We need to get the girl’s names, instead of referring to them as Tuesday and Thursday.  Miss Thursday surprised us with a warm smile as Bunyon ordered the podiatrist special; Iced Moccachino Frappe Latte.


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