• When: 7/26/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Roon
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench MHC, Monkey Wrench Raleigh, Speedbump, Deebo, Mistee, Reef Donkey, FNG Fitzhume, Rooney
  • AO: Carterican Court

I’ve been on the Mon, Wed, Fri rotation for awhile so it was nice to get back to Rotary.  I do have an affinity for grass but the 24 inches of rain we have gotten made YHC reconsider grass exercises.

Warm up consisted of a mosey around the outside of Rotary stopping every few hundred yards to engage in warmup activities of mountain climbers, SSH’s, LSF’s, merkins, WW1’s, plank jacks, burpees, and body builders.

Next we went to the upper parking lot for the rock game.  We split into two teams and start in the parking lot, go to the rock pile at the far end, bring rocks back and build a circle big enough for all members of your team to do 20 merkins inside the circle.  The team that accomplished this first got to be the first team to go in the next game.

For the next game, we move to the center parking lot.  With one team at each end and a jeep parked at one end team 1 ran down to team 2’s side and pulled the jeep back to their side while team 2 does 5 burpees, 5 SSH’s, and 5 LBC’s.  This process repeated back and forth across the parking lot 5 times per team.

Once completed we moved to the picnic shelter for three rounds a piece of irkins and dips.

Next back to the upper parking lot to put back the rocks we had pulled from the rock garden.  Each trip back to the rock pile required 5 WW1’s before returning to get more rocks.  With time running low, we moseyed back to the flag stopping every 100 hards to perform a stretch.

Once back to the flag we performed a couple more stretches and ab exercises to bring us to the hard stop.

Announcements and prayer concerns were given before YHC took us out in the Lord’s prayer.

A pleasure to lead,


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