• When: 03/27/18
  • Workout Style: intervals
  • QIC: dogtown
  • PAX: wifi, flipova, bunyon, winniethepoo, twitty, dogtown
  • AO: Clam Digger

We did a countdown work out starting at 10 reps per exercise and worked our way all the way down to 4 reps per exercise. (10 per then 9 etc.)

We ran to 4 different stations around a block in Beaufort, doing a different exercise at each station:

  • Station 1: Burpees single count
  • Station 2: Push ups 10 single count
  • Station 3: Squats in cadence
  • Station 4: Dips in cadence

At 6:08am we transitioned to abs:

  • WW1’s in cadence.
  • American Hammer
  • Low Slow flutters
  • In plank position, we did leg lifts.
  • We started in plank position then lowering down to our elbows one at a time, then pushing back up.

I gave a devotion from Matthew 26:6-13

Key Point from it all was that:

A relationship with Jesus provides us inner peace nothing us in this world can bring because in knowing that we belong to Him, our identity is forever secure in being His son. We don’t have to question who we are because we know whose we are. We can run to Jesus for healing, not with the expectation that he’ll fix everything in our lives but with the confidence that He is right there with us, can carry us through any situation, and can once again bring us the peace that life with Him is better than anything a temporary fix can provide. Life with him is life to the full and its something no one can take away from us and its something that will last forever.

We prayed for my high school friends David and Caleb, that God would open their eyes to see their need for Him. We prayed for the Dixon’s and that God would be close to them as the grieve the loss of a loved one, and for Lifealert’s son and for him to feel better.

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