• When: 05/10/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Purple Rain, Pillbox, Sparkles, Couch Potato (Respect), Cheech, Skidmark, Linus, Halftime, Catfight, FNG
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion

Excitement is in the air!!  The launch of F3 Jacksonville is a day away. The celebration among the PAX in Carterico has already begun! YHC was excited because I have the honor of the “prelude to the kick off” by Qing at the mullet wrapper this morning. All the PAX begin to roll in and I noticed that Cheech has an FNG with him. Nice, way to go Cheech! The PAX welcomed him as we circled up for a Hard Start!  I delivered a flawless meaning of F3 and mission statement, but then stuttered a little bit on the five core values. Purple Rain, once again demonstrated true leadership by saving me from what could have been a brutal start of Mumble Chatter. Disclaimer was given and here we go…

Warm a Rama

SSH IC x15, Hillbillies IC x15, Cotton Pickers IC x15 & Cheech’s Girlfight IC x 10 forward & backward

The Thang

We begin running the track around the park. We would circle up 3 times and perform…

AST IC x20, WW1s SC x20, Peter Parker’s IC x20

Mosey to the back parking lot and partnered up for Princess Tea Party x15 with added back to back People’s Chair/ Air Press x15. Great job! Mosey…

We had to make a stop at the picnic tables to honor our brother Dumpster Dog who could not be with us today. Time for “DD University”! Dips x40 & Erkins x40.  Mosey to the tennis courts…

I have been to several workouts where Pillbox was the Q for the day. I really admire his style, he comes up with some awesome ideas and games to make things fun. Since it’s Friday and the Jacksonville Launch is near, I really wanted to do something fun for the guys, so I came up with a game that I called, “Beat the Dealer.” Everyone lined up side-by-side. I would stand in front of each Pax, Hiding a number behind my back for them to try and guess the number 1 through 10.  If they guessed it right, everyone would do 2 Burpee‘s together. If they guessed it wrong, the penalty was 15 reps of an exercise that I chose. Today’s choice was AST, Mountain Climbers or LBCs IC.  Everyone did a great job and all in all got about half of the numbers right. Seemed like everyone enjoyed it, so I was happy it didn’t bomb!

We would continue in the fence of the tennis courts for my trademark move, Wall Worms x3 rounds. Time for 4 corners with AB Exercises at each corner. LSF IC x20, LBCs IC x20, WW1s x20 & Peter Parker’s c20. Now, the mumble chatter had virtually not appeared at this point until, I miss counted the reps 2 or 3 times and there you go! An uproar from Sparkles, Skidmark, Purple Rain, Halftime and others. A “Q” at this point, has to stand up or get knocked down! So, I introduced a penalty 2 Burpees every time someone spoke. We had a few of those and then silence. Didn’t know if I would bounce out of that one or not LOL. Up against the fence for People’s Chair/ Airpress x20 then back to the flag for a Hard Stop! Nice push guys! Count and Name a Rama, placed our FNG in middle for his nickname. How in the world he ended up with Wetspot, I have no idea. But everybody seem to like it, so welcome “Wetspot!” He did a fantastic job by the way.  Announcement about the Jacksonville launch, of coarse and prayer request were taken. Purple Rain led us in prayer. Thanks buddy!

We are all super excited about tomorrow and I hope the men of Jacksonville will get the opportunity to gain as much from F3 as I have. Thanks Dumpster Dog for the keys to the Wrapper and a fantastic job from everyone who supported me today. As always, you guys rock!! Until next time….



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