• When: 09/18/19
  • Workout Style: Bands Bootcamp
  • QIC: Navy
  • PAX: Hacksaw, Purplerain, Cheech, Birdman, Buttoncap, Ponch (respect), Dash8 (respect), CouchPotato (respect), Navy (QIC)
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Prometheus

Purplerain displayed his leadership for our group once again this morning.  It takes time, patience, thought and a great deal of effort to make this sure this thing we all enjoy so much happens every morning and continues to grow to serve men in our community.  Despite the best efforts of stalwarts like Pillbox, Wed has traditionally been our lowest turnout for the week.  For some time now, Purplerain has been circulating the idea of changing up the format to attract more Pax.  Today, we saw the fruits of his labor and we had 9 strong show up in the gloom to try out the new and improved Prometheus.

YHC has Q’d the Band of Brothers a few times and always had a great workout.  Since DD is nursing a bad back, I offered to try out a few of the tricks I learned from Wilson and the boys in the East.  We started with a normal WARMARAMA which consisted of:

  • R over L/L over R
  • Down Dog/Pedals/Cobra
  • Michael Phelps IC X 10
  • Hairy Rockettes IC X 10
  • Smurf Jacks IC X 10

The plan of the day was simple. Pax would perform a series of exercises targeting a specific muscle group then complete a short palate cleanser mosey for a round of partner-get-ups. Rinse and repeat with a new muscle group.  YHC provided a quick demonstration of how to adjust the tension on the bands and a warning to be careful not to let the band slip from under your foot or it would hit you in the nasty bits.  We completed the following for the THANG with 10 partner-get ups in between each muscle group:

  • Curls SC x 25 (2 sets)
    • Band slipped from under Dash8’s foot and hit him in the twig and berrys
  • Tricep Extensions SC x 25
  • Shoulder Press SC x 25
    • Band slipped from under Dash8’s foot and hit him in the twig and berrys
  • Upright Rows SC x 20
    • Band slipped from under Dash8’s foot and hit him in the twig and berrys
  • Shoulder Fly SC x 20
    • Band slipped from under Dash8’s foot and hit him in the twig and berrys
  • Chest Press SC x 25
  • Chest Fly SC x 20
  • Merkins with Resistance SC x 10
  • Seated Row SC x 25
  • Seated Back Fly SC x 20
  • Single Arm bent over Row SC x 20
  • Squats SC x 25
    • Band slipped from under Dash8’s foot and hit him in the twig and berrys
  • Quad Extensions Right leg SC x 20
  • Quad Extensions Left leg SC x 20
  • Monkey Humpers with Resistance SC x 10
  • Trunk Twists Right SC x 25
  • Trunk Twists Left SC x 25
  • Crunch with Resistance SC x 25
  • WWI with Resistance SC x 10
  • Glute Bridges Right Leg only SC x 10
  • Glute Bridges Left Leg only SC x 10
  • Glute Bridges both legs SC x 10

We finished up with a round of Pax choice MARY which included:

  • Windshield Wipers (Birdman)
  • Freddy Mercs (Buttoncap)
  • Box Cutters (Hacksaw)
  • Mike Tysons (Ponch)
  • Supermans to a hard stop (Couch Potato)

Announcements: Hacksaw VIRGIN Q at the Rolling Stone tomorrow! Couch Potato has the Mullet Wrapper on Friday.  Praise: Buttoncap for buying the majority of the bands and the bag to hold them all. Purplerain for having the courage to change up the Prometheus format to keep us moving forward. Dash8 for a great Q at the HIN this morning. Ponch for taking over the Prometheus soon. Hacksaw for stepping up for his VQ tomorrow on short notice.  Prayer Requests: Continued prayers for Shannon (Purplerain’s M), the family of Buttoncap’s friend and his daughter who passed after an accident this week. Safe travels for Ponch and good luck in his race this weekend.  Purplerain took us out with heartfelt words of wisdom and prayer.  It is always a pleasure and an honor.  Thanks for the keys to your kingdom Pillbox.

Moleskin: YHC really enjoyed today.  I have been traveling East a few days a week to participate in the bells and sometimes the bands workouts up there.  I am really excited that we have incorporated this opportunity in the West.  I would encourage each of you who haven’t done so before to give this new format a try.  It is usually a low impact, low mileage event, but I think the Pax who posted today will testify that we got in a strong workout and hit some muscles that we don’t usually in our traditional bootcamps.  Let’s have fun with this thing and watch the numbers on Wed mornings grow like our other strong AO’s.


Navy, Out.



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