• When: 08/05/2019
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Newman
  • PAX: Denver, Kiwi, Birdman, Chopsticks
  • AO: Knarr

The seas were calm this Monday morning in the bowels of the great City of Newport. The PAX all rolled in on time and we set off…


A short mosey around the parking lot before circling up for sun God’s ICX10 and reverse, CPs ICX10, Windmills ICX10.


Moseying over the the closest picnic tables for Step Ups X20, Irkins X15, Dips X20, Dirkins X10.

On to the tennis court for bear crawl down the side, lunging the length of two, bear crawl the side again, and reverse lunge back down the length of two.

Over to the other picnic tables for two sets of picnic table snakes (up and over) followed by WW1s X20

Back to the parking lot where the PaX lined up on a parking space and started with one squat on the first line, one merkin on the second line, two squats on the third line, two Merkins on the fourth line, and on all the way up to ten squats and merkins.

Then rinsed and repeated a second round of the above.

Finished out with people’s chair and balls to the wall for a 10 count per person.


Dying CR X20, Hello Dolly ICX10, Windshield wipers, ICX10, American hammer ICx20, SBC ICx10 each side, Box cutter ICx10, WW1 x15

Hard Stop, great work from the PAX this morning.



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