YHC arrived early and surveyed the parking lots, came up with 2 close by and great event ideas with the assumed 8-10 PAX, but what?, how cool, 13 total got out of the fartsack to get better, my job was to accommodate.

This Q just has the hardest time with warmarama but gave it a shot none the less. 50 Side Straddle Hops IC while i though of another, some L over R, R over L then 50 Freddie Merks IC, all I had so a Mosey to the side parking lot, but Omaha because I saw a Bank – A.T.M.s [15 Alternating shoulder taps, 10 Tempo merkins, 10 fast Merkins] and we’re off.

Headed down a dark path and round the corner to EH a Cape Carteret PD officer, he quickly exited his car and ran inside away from the PAX, next time… CopperHead Squats IC then Mosey to the intersection. “The next exercise is- cross the street, OYO!”. For real, it’s risky but all made it to – another bank for ATM’s!

The Thang – A short Mosey toward MacDaddy’s and a wide open field for B.O.M.B.S. Partner A starts 50-Burpees, 100-Overhead Press, 150- Merkins, 200 Big Boy sit ups, 250-Squats while partner B runs toward the big power pole far far away, with a twist – In an effort to keep the PAX together, when Cooter, Sparkles or anther speedy HIM hits the pole, the other runners can turn back regardless of distance. I watched and was inspired to see all give it great effort to get back to relieve their partner and switch.

Time was getting away from YHC, good thing Dawg spoke up, “ahh, are we taking an Uber back?” made my day, Omaha’d with just a few squats left and mosey’d closer to the flag. Of Coarse there was a bank on the way – ATM’s -then the one more round of “Cross the Hwy, OYO”.

With just a few minutes left the PAX voluntarily pushed out up to 30 Dips IC and a lovely round of Superman’s, just out of respect! That was one of my most enjoyable Q’s, thanks for the push and effort men, couldn’t think of a better start to the day. F3 is a gift, thanks for giving it away.

Announcements and TonyRomo, as always,  closed out with some beautiful words.


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