• When: 11/05/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: ponch
  • PAX: FrankandBeans (respect respect), Weinstein (respect respect), Couch Potato (respect), Skidmark (respect), Huckabee (respect)Catfight, Princess, Cheech, Burnout, Hacksaw, Sparkles, Faceplant, Griswold, Linus (happy birthday), Cooter, Plebe, Dumpster Dawg, Tony Romo, Backup, ponch
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Baptist Church

It was a GLORIOUS morning at 0455 when YHC left the casa to set up for the THANG. Stars were out, nice 70* morning, seemed a waste to not have brought the topless jeep. Signs staged and a silent parking lot prayer led to the coffee induced gurgle within. With plenty of time on a fast wrist watch, YHC headed back to the casa to kill two birds – head call and vehicle swap out because like Cheech says, it doesn’t rain on an F3 workout.   YHC rolled into the AO topless with 2 minutes to spare thinking there might be 5 or 6 PAX joining as the HCs were light but the parking lot looked like West Carteret Baptist Church had added a Tuesday Morning Service. Humbled and Happy, a flawless greeting with 3Fs, mission statement and disclaimer were delivered. Looking back it would have been at this moment I should have passed out the bands that were expertly staged while waiting for the PAX to show up, had I been there when the PAX showed up.


Targets today were the upper body and legs so we warmed up with Sun Gods, Michael Phelps, Cotton Pickers, Down Dog for Purplerain  and Threw in the Cobra for Princess. Then as we watched a truck pull into the parking lot across Anita Forte we followed right behind to line upon the curb and interrupt what I can only imagine was some dudes well planned out early morning hook up.


Mike Tysons, Curb Dips, American Hammers and Bulgarian split squats were on the menu ending on odd numbers so as to keep em guessing (thank you FrankandBeans)

Mosey down Anita Forte looking for that truck and stopping at Lomalinda Dr for Diamond Merkins, Alternating Lunges, and Band presses sans bands when as if it were in the forecast, the rain started.(see vehicle swap out)

Mosey down Anita Forte to Neptune Dr. still no truck, for Merkins, SSH, Mountain Climbers and Sumo Squats, which according to the PAX means touching the ground.

Now because Anita Forte literally stops right there and does in no way go all the way to “the docks”, and who wants a motivated strength band workout overlooking the calm waters of the intercoastal anyway –  we turned around and THANGED in reverse to each intersection and the parking lot for the rinse and repeat. Mosey to the Church entrance for 2 rounds of Peoples chair and BTTW with the 10 count for some.

YHC breathing heavy circled up the PAX to learn the favorite exercise of my 3 newest bestest friends –  Weinstein called out the dreaded Monkey Humper, Plebe with the Cotton Picker and Skidmark threw us a curve with Burpees. As if the burpees weren’t bad enough YHC had a moment of weakness asking Griswold to lead Perfect Pickle Pounders followed by Super Couch Potato Mans to a Hard Stop.

I had a blast, thank you for the chance to drive the bus.

2nd F this Thursday at Couch Potato’s home, 3rd F with FrankandBeans at Java Post this am, and FrankandBeans has the Prometheus at Java Post tomorrow.

Burnout your words are beautiful, inspirational and on the mark – thank you.



Princess, thanks for the reminder :), the truck was down at the dock. Git Sum



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