4/12/18 Swashbuckler

PAX:  Gert (Respect), Holiday Mansion, Reef Donkey, Denver, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Plunger, Squid, Ricardo, Pasqually, Big Mic, The Second Mile, Hilary, Duck Butter


YHC was up and at em’ this morning, bouncing from ye olde fart sac at a punctual 0425.  YHC caught up on some of the goings on from yesterday and last night.  Here are some highlights…Nippleshot has been battling some chaffe.  Blue Cross told him to use some corn starch to help alleviate the aggravation in the affected area.  Being out of corn starch, Nip decided to use baking soda instead.  With bated breath we await news on the outcome, but I ain’t eating biscuits at Nip’s house anytime soon.

Also, it’s important we address the brawl between the Yankees and the Red Sox.  Tyler Austin slid into Brock Holt hard at 2nd on a bunt, not dirty but albeit late.  Holt didn’t like it, benches empty, posturing and gum smacking abound.  More than likely Judge or Stanton is probably going to get hit.  Tit for tat, that’s how the game is policed.  Joe Kelly comes in relief down a bunch of runs and decides to retract some revenge for Holt, good teammate guy.  Here’s the problem.  He missed.  You want to retaliate and hit a guy in the back, fair enough.  But you can’t miss.  Because if you do, you don’t get to keep trying.  That’s bush league.  That’s what happened.  He hit Austin after a second attempt and that’s when the party really started.  Cheating bunch of Bean Towners.  But anyway…

In a most bizarre coincidence of celestial moon phase and PAX attendance, we had 13 Carterican veterans post under a 13% waning crescent moon.  Seriously, look that up.  It’s worth a google.  A beautiful sky, slight chill, and no wind awaited the men that came early for some stretching and 2nd F’ing prior to 0530.  I must admit, I am generally a late arriver for most workouts, but that’s going to change.  I liked getting there early and getting my mind and body ready.  I feel better because of it, too.  Madoff is going to have to get the clown car going earlier in the coming weeks.  Speaking of Poca, he must have been on a massive standard this morning, because we never saw him.  With all of the requisite white Z71s parked, we gathered, were welcomed and disclaimed and were off for a rolling


Mosey to the bottle neck for SSH IC x25

Mosey close to the tennis courts for Cotton Pickers IC x10, and Potato Pickers IC x10

Mosey to the gate of the baseball parking lot for Sun Gods IC forward x10, reverse x10

Mosey to the track in front of the home stands for R over L hangs, and L over R hangs and then

Thang 1-  Merkin Mile

I have no idea who did it first, but Monkey Wrench did it last.  I loved it.  So I stole it, and added a few modifications to make it mine.  Out on the track, YHC had placed a track hurdle every 100 yards, total of 4 for those with limited track knowledge.  Thankfully and almost prophetically, YHC did in fact place the hurdles on the track correctly assuming that someone would try to bound over it.  Burgundy was first, Hilary was second.  One of them made it.  The other not so much.  We would run to different hurdles with a partner, SSHs if you got there early to wait on the 6, and together complete some merkins.

We went 100 yd (10 merkins), 200 yd (10 merkins), 300 yd (10 merkins), 400 yd (20 merkins), 300 yd (20 merkins), 200 yd (20 merkins), and a final 100 yd (20 merkins).  1 mile of running.  110 merkins.

Reef delivered the fastest 10 count in modern history and we were off towards the WCHS weight room for

Thang 2- Iron Sharpens Iron

Staying with our partners, the PAX hustled into the WCHS weight room where one partner grabbed a drag bar and added 40 pounds worth of plates (65 total pounds) and the other partner grabbed a hex bar and 40 pounds of plates (85 total).  The only thing more alarming than the overall lack of flexibility of F3 Carterico is our lack of knowledge of standard weight plates.  We had guys looking for 15 pound plates?  Come on guys, this isn’t that sand filled set your parents got you out of the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book.

We would AMRAP the lifts for 30 seconds and then flap jack with our Tantos.

Set one:  Curls with the drag bar, Dead Lifts with the hex bar

Set two:  Push Press with the drag bar, Hex Bar walk

Set three:  Upright Row with the drag bar, Calf Raises with the hex bar

Set four:  Bentover Row with the drag bar, Lunge with the hex bar, unless you were tall.  Then you lunged without the hex bar.  Ha ha ha…suck it tall people.

And with time waning, unlike the moon, Hilary led us to a secluded and zen-like part of the property for

Broga-with Hilary

On Monday we witnessed Floppy Disk sustain a back injury.  Hope you’re feeling better Flop, not that you’re reading this.  But Floppy’s pain led to YHC’s call for a pre workout stretch time, and caused me to reach out to Hilary to lead us through some man poses to help prevent soreness or injury, allow for better recovery, and try to create some flexibility within the PAX.

YHC is a total novice to Yoga, but I think I remember some downward, maybe upward dogs in there.  Shaft would love those.  Perhaps a pigeon?  All I really know is I kept having to put my feet and legs in places that they didn’t want to go.  Come on guys, get your minds out of the gutter.  Sheesh.

Googled the current moon phase yet?  Yeah you did.  Ha!

After a cleansing breath to finish up the Broga, Hilary led the PAX back to clean up all the bars and plates we’d left about.  Tclaps gents.  Wasn’t expected, but certainly appreciated.

A mosey back to the flag for the COT

Before commencing with our announcements and prayer concerns, YHC had an ask.

It’s no secret that F3 is really a leadership course.  My personal huge takeaway from the GrowRuck and from GrowSchool, was the lessons learned from candor.  Candor requires honesty, communication skills, acceptance of failures, and a desire for growth.  I can not grow without you.  I can not be a better leader if I do not listen to the positives and more importantly the negatives of my workouts.  These AARs of candor will now be a part of my workouts, and I sincerely hope will be considered for yours.  I appreciate all of the feedback I received this morning.  It is duly noted and I hope that we can all see improvement the next time I’m in the circle.

Consistent and respected lines of communication are the hallmark of efficiency in a group setting.  Sometimes people just need to vent.  Sometimes you’re not going to agree with what is said.  You’re not wrong.  They aren’t either.  I think it is of the utmost importance that we be told that the six has not circled back for in my workout, or that it was clear I hadn’t prepared the flow of the workout, or that my cadence needs consistency.  You must have the guts to tell me, and I must have the heart to listen, adapt, and improve.  An even further step would be an individual AAR with the AOs site Q after the workout, via text, at coffee, etc.  Were the goals of the AO reached?  Did the workout work?  How could it be improved?  Did I effectively lead the PAX?  Did I offer lessons for the PAX to be better leaders?

This is the next step gents.  This is where growth occurs.  This is the proof of the maturation of F3 Carterico.

Onward.  Upward.


Lassie leads the Stampede tomorrow.  Squid has the hashmark.  Jang will lead the ruckers.

Ronnie B is putting together a beach volleyball team for the summer months.  Let him know if you are interested in playing.

Big Mic took the PAX out in the ball of man, giving thanks and remind us all to go out and be lights.

Thanks for allowing me to share the morning with you guys.






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