I really don’t think I need to write a backblast since RonnieB and Pasqually say it’s not official without burpees at a workout.     0 Burpees to be had at the Swashbuckler today.

NO warnings given.  Pasqually said lets go its time, so off we went after a perfect Mission Statement, F3, and not responsible for suing purposes.  So we Moseyed up to the front parking lot.


  1. 20 SSH IC
  2. 15 Abe Vigodas –  should have mentioned the medical statement earlier as Pasqually was rolling on the ground in agony
  3. 20 Copperhead Squats IC
  4. 10 Sun Gods – Fwd, Rev    IC

What I picked out of the mumblechatter was Squid is doing the 100 pushup a day challenge again.  So why not help him out.

The Thang

  1. We dropped right down into 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
  2. 20 Hand release Merkins SC
  3. Over to the curb for 20 Curb Alperts IC
  4. Why not help Squid – 20 Erkins – then as we Moseyed he said merkins during workouts don’t count

Mosey on over to the Band practice field for a modified double quarter pounder

  1. run 25 yards  – 25 SC Mountain climbers  – run back to start
  2. run 50 yards  – 50 SC LBC’s – (Apparently it was wet, hmm rain no drainage, of course) run back to start
  3. run 75 yards  – 75 SC Squats run back to start – some pax decided to run backwards
  4. run 100 yards – 100 SC Plank jacks  – plank for the 6

This time we would not run back and forth.

  1. Run 25 yards – 25 Merkins
  2. Run to 50 yard – 50 LBC’s
  3. Run to 75 yard – 75 Squats
  4. 100 total – (big sexy) 25 pickle pounders, 25 boss tweeds, 25 monkey humpers, 25 dying cockroaches

Off on another mosey around to the benches behind the school for the Holy trinity – Dips, Erkins, Derkins starting with a 20 count of each, rinse and repeat with 10 count, rinse and repeat with 5 count all in rapid succession no breaks.  Great work men.  Mosey on to the track where I implemented my indian walk sprint.  Pax stay in line walking while the 6 sprints to the front, not jogs, but sprints hard to the front.  After circling the track doing these we stopped at the bleachers for a necessary evil, 1 Bleacher snake  because oh how my hip hates these.  On the way back we dropped into 20 more Merkins for Squid, even though they still didn’t count he says.  Jail break to the flag for some pax led Mary.

YHC made an announcement about making sure your children know you care.  With the tragedy that happened with the West Carteret student (good friend of my son, they grew up together) YHC stressed how important it is to show you care or to ask questions and extend yourself to someone in need.

Squid took us out asking for solace and healing for the families having tragedies in our community.

Until next time, I am sure it will be someone elses VQ or some kind of special gathering, but I should see the usual 3-5 suspects at my next workout.  Blart out.


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