What a great day for F3. YHC rolled in to find Madoff,Lassie, and Pedro hunkered down in their cars soaking in the heat. After a drive around the property to confirm my plans for the PAX, I parked to find the group was growing in number. As the 1 minute warning was given, 10 brave souls were circled up ready to get it on. With the mission statement given, we were off for a rolling warmarama. We would mosey half the loop, stopping at various points to have the PAX lead a warm up exercise of their choice. At the first stop, Lassie and Madoff were already negotiating which one would get to lead the SSH. With the deciding vote, YHC called for 5 Burpees, oyo. Next stop, Lassie led SSH x 20 IC, leaders were Pedro, Madoff, Creflo, Lassie, and YHC for warmups including SSH, Cotton pickers, Burpees, Sun gods, cherry pickers (Pedro respect). Once we had navigated to the tree of life for the final warm up we then headed to Big Rock lot for the Thang.

The Thang: Partner up for a little Dora. Squats Amrap while partner runs the parking space shuffle to the first light pole and backpedals back, rinse and repeat each man times 2. Next each pair lined up on the end of a parking space line. Partner A bear crawls across to the end of the opposite space line¬† and back pedals back while partner B does Merkins. Rinse and repeat x 2 for each man. Mosey to far picnic shelter for more work. Derkins x 10 SC, Erkins x 10 SC, Dips x 10 IC, Step ups x 10 IC, Box jumps x 10 SC. Rinse and repeat for rounds of 15 reps and then 20 reps. Mosey back to Big Rock for more Dora. Each pair to do 100 LBC’s IC. Partner runs to first pole and karaoke runs back x 2 each man. Next plank while partner runs, regular plank, low plank, and superman. To the wall for some buttercups (people’s chair with a cadence of hands up high , then slap knees, slap ankles, and back for 1 cycle. We did 100 IC with each man counting 10, pausing at the halfway point for a 5 count per man balls to the wall. Once done we moseyed back to the flag by way of a loop around tree of life. Mary led by the 5 men who didn’t lead warmarama. Suitcase,Peyronie, Meemee,Bedsore led LSF, Box cutters, Chilcut plank, WWI’s and finally Ronnie B finished it off with 30 seconds of protractor.

COT: Prayers for John Jenkins, Pedro’s daughter in law’s sister and parent, Brian Nowell. YHC took us out in prayer.

It was a pleasure to lead today and I am thankful for the support on this crisp morning. Off to Sweet Beans for coffee

SYITG: Holiday Mansion

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