Thankful for the 4 that posted this morning. YHC did some recruiting last night to no evail, lacking that juice I guess.

The four that came got better for sure though. It’s been a minute since I last had the Q. Realized quickly I was having some trouble with the cadence of what to say next and how but eventually found a stride.

Disclaimer was made, mission was stated and off we went for a quick mosey. This wasn’t the moseying crowd so we kept it short.


SSH X14 that’s right 14

cotton pickers X10

windmill X10

Sun Gods forward and back X10

The Thang

4 exercises in cadence (merkin, LSF, lunges, mountain climber). One of each rotating through then two, then three building to 10. Whew that was no joke 110 reps of each


light pole ladder

1st pole 5 plank jacks them run back

out to 1st pole for 5 plank jacks and then to 2nd pole 10 plank jacks and then run back. Out 2 light pole 1 and 2 and complete session with 15 plank jacks at third pole and back

mosey to the wall for people’s chair 4 X 20 second hold then balls to the wall 4 X 10 sec hold

Then partner up. One partner heads one way around the parking lot and the other heads the other. They meet up for 10 bro merkins then run back and repeat. Then they head back out opposite direction and meat for 5 partner get ups. Run back to start and repeat.


Boss Tweed X 20

Dyejng cockroach x20

american hammer X 15

LSF X 10

Hard Stop. Man that was a good one.

prayers for Clark’s brother and Reeds dad who is having heart surgery

bands and HIN tomorrow

It was great to Q. Appreciate the opportunity

Big Mic












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