• When: 04/05/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Nipple Shot
  • PAX: Rooney, Pastor Clever, Monkey Wrench, Immigrant, CarlEton, Au Jus, Puddles, Gert, Reef Donkey, Shroom, Suitcase
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court

The BERMUDA TRIANGLE!! – Once attempted, but never achieved.

So this back blast is a bit late… even by my standards for backblasts but many days, thoughts, and feelings have passed since I last Q’d. Two days after the workout I tweaked my back and was literally spending days struggling to even take a full step with my right leg and actually staying up at night for hours just so I didn’t have to lay down. Lots of ibuprophen, ice, and mild stretching. During this time period I also received a call that my Aunt in New Bern was being transported to the Hospice House in Newport. I was able to visit but unfortunately I don’t believe she knew I was there. Lots of emotions. She lasted 6 days and with a whirlwind of incoming family, services, and support, the ceremonies ended and life sort of came back to normal…… except… the back. After 2 full weeks of self rest and rehab, I was able to finally post again on 4/23. The point is this…. YHC realizes that health, just like life is precious. I missed F3… I missed posting and working hard, and missed the brotherhood. I learned this….. When healthy… post. Because the alternative is not pretty. It was taken away for 2 + weeks and I would have given anything to be out there… rain, sleet, snow, hot, cold.. it wouldn’t have mattered. Anything was better than constant pain and immobility. This morning we posted in the pouring, sideways rain… It was great!

OK.. back to the point and the backblast. The Carterican Court.

With a strong showing of F3 faces, we gathered up for a short disclaimer. I like to try the mission statement from time to time, just to see Gert’s face when it comes off a bit more creepy then intended. With a quick mosey, we hit the upper lot by the BBall Court for warmarama.


SSH IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Sun Gods- IC x 12, reverse IC x 12

Wind Mills – IC x 12

Hill Billies IC x 12

The Thang: The Bermuda Triangle

We took a short mosey .. literally like 15 feet onto the soccer fields to explain the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle 1 (Legs): Stop 1-  Back wood fence by the Storage things:

Stop 2- The covered tables by the bath house

Stop 3: the light pole near the BBall Parking Lot:

TRIANGLE 1- The Pax would line up on the wall and do wall chairs for 30 sec, run to stop 2 for 10 step ups, then to stop 3 for 10 WOJO squats.

Mosey Back to start and plank for the 6. Repeat the first run but added: Stop 1: add 10 IC monkey humpers, Stop 2: add 10 slow squats, Stop 3: add 10 lunges each leg.

Moseyed over to the wall at the Big Rock Stadium for Triangle 2: Chest and arms

Stop 1 was the wall: Start with 30 sec Balls to the Wall, Mosey to stop 2 near the end of the far parking lot for 10 merkins, then to stop 3 (tree of life area) for 10 Burpees, Repeat and Add: Stop 1 added: 10 Carolina Dry Docs, Stop 2 added: 10 Mountain Climbers IC, Stop 3: add: 10 Double Wides.

Moseyed to the lower fields near the benches for Triangle 3: (Core Work)

Stop 1: 20 LBC’s, Stop 2: near the covered tables: 20 WWII, Stop 3: near the side parking lot: Low Slow Flutters:

We looked at the time and well….. we didn’t have enough to keep going. YHC had a plan and we need more time… maybe this could work out in an hour or so and would be a good workout for the Hero Patriot. The plan was to complete all 3 triangles back to back to back. This would have been a great grand finale, but a Hard stop is a hard stop:


We moseyed to the flag to circle up.. counted off, and had some discussion and prayer concerns and YHC took us out with a quick shout out to the man above watching down on us. It was an honor to lead and I look forward to posting tomorrow. REMEMBER… if you can… POST.

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