The Tablesetter was born as the idea to “set the table”, thus starting off your week the right way.  No better way to set the table than to do it on New Years Day.  Tabula Rosa is the concept of a clean slate, a dry erase board that has yet to be drawn on.  New Years Day traditionally is a day where new resolutions are made.  As I sat, licking my wounds from Deebo turning 40, I said that wanted to make intentions for the upcoming year.  About this time ole Aflac sent me a text and asked very round about if I would Q the Tablesetter.  At first I kind of laughed outloud, then I thought, what a great way to bring in the New year and start to write on that clean slate.  To my surprise trucks started pulling in and a truly excited Pax of 11 was ready to set the 2018 table.  After a welcome, disclaimer, mission statement YHC told the Pax that my intentions for the upcoming would be stated throughout the workout and anyone was free to share theirs.  My first one was to be a better friend to more people and not just ones that were already “best buddies”. It’s easy to invest in a few folks but I would like to try to be a better friend to more people.  With that we were off to the Jib for:

Warm A Rama:

SSH IC x 20

Good Mornings IC x 15

Sun Gods IC x 10, reverse x 10

At this point, Lassie went to expel his right nostril and he had quite a surprise when he had a frozen snot rocket glued to his face.  The panic was beyond words.

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Copperhead Squats IC x 15


The Thang:

A partner Rack and Stack that grew in distance after each addition of an exercise.  Partner up, do the reps together, and when we ran to the respective street, one would turn left and one right, run up that block for 10 reps of a Merkin exercise.  It went as follows:

10 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, run around the jib

Add on 10 Hand Release Burpees, run to 9th street, peel off from your partner and do 10 Doublewide Merkins.  Return to the cutting board and plank for the 6.

Add 10 Hand Release Merkins IC to the first two, run to 10th street, peel of for 10 regular Merkins.  Run back and plank for the 6.

Add on 10 WWIs SC to the three exercises run to 11th street, peel off and do 10 Spider Merkins, run back Al Gore for the 6.

Add on 20 Prisoner Squats to the four exercises. YHC informed the Pax that one intention was a be a more intentional Christian and better witness to more people.

Line up for a Shepard’s street Indian Run to 12th st peel off from the line and your partner for 10 Dry Docks SC.  Line back up and Indian Run back to the shovel flag.  Hard stop 0745.


There will be plenty of exercises to choose from in the glorious Carterican tundra in the gloom tomorrow.  Same forecast, same fun.  Prayer concerns for Shroom’s buddy battling cancer, for the Nobles family, for Creflo’s child that was bitten by a dog, and for those students from West involved in the accident a week ago.  YHC took us out thankful for a God that let’s us have clean slates and new beginnings!  Today was one of the more special days to lead and I am thankful for Aflac’s call!  My last intention is to give my wife the same affection and effort level that I did when trying to win her over.  God first, she second, children just behind their mom, me a distant third.  Love you guys and wish you the best year of your lives yet.


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