• When: 11/06/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Burnout
  • PAX: CouchPotato (respect), Pillbox (respect), Huckabee (respect), Sparkles, Cheech, ReRun, Linus, ponch, Burnout
  • AO: Prometheus

Another Glorious crisp Coastal Carolina morning, perfect sleeping weather.

Site Q rolled in first treating himself with an extra cup of java because a band workout shouldn’t trigger the heartburn. While stretching the already smoked quads that you almost never use on a band workout, in came a shortbed white chevy pickup truck that YHC THOUGHT he recognized, but it was Cheech and ReRun. Sparkles and CouchPotato arrived on a standard like the PHANTOM studs that they are. One by one the masses arrived and circled up for just a little more F2 than we all expected. Burnout delivered what some would say a Mariano Rivera like mission statement and greeting.

To be FRANK, the thang was a beatdown, the details of which are a bit blurry, like in a DREAM or maybe a nightmare. Quads and shoulders be damned, we went from light post to light post alternating upper and lower body exercises( 21s )supplemented by sprinting. Sprinting, by the way, in perfect form that I remember learning at the green mile a few weeks back.

Mike Tysons, Merkins, every squat known, lunges, crab and bear walk, Native American running, so much that Id have to be a WIZZARD to remember it all. What we wont soon forget are the 102 WW2s CouchPotato thought were a good idea, only to close it out with 4 minutes of supermans. In hind sight, today would have been a good day to let the body recover, all kidding aside I’m glad to have shared the morning with you gents.

Prayers for our F3 family members, for answers to unspoken and spoken requests. F2 at CPs house with Ms Tomorrow 11/07/19

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