YHC has been humbled over and over with this great group. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting weaker then I step back and watch, the PAX are getting stronger and wiser. LunchBox was a machine this week, paced himself and was a Steady Eddie right to the hard stop on his 7th day Q, TClaps brother! Great pick up on the FOD last minute Q ButtonCap, always giving it away when you can.

This morning stated with PurpleRain who stepped up to help me clear the bridge with a decent pace. As we approached the AO, in comes Navy and the entourage, Putin and Focker, then Cooter and Ennis. I was happy with 6, then steps up JWow pulling a double after an FOD ButtonCap beating, thanks for the support men.

Hard start at 7:15 and a prompt Mission Statement offered. A little Mosey to the Jackie’s Grill parking lot for the 1st THANG:

10 LBC’s IC, 10 WW1’s IC, 10 other cruchy things[?], round 1 ATM’s [15 alternating shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins, 10 fast merkins] then a Mosey to the Emerald Isle Woods Park Entrance, 2nd THANG same as 1st, mosey up the wooded trail to the parking lot.

THANG 3- PAX choice, Mary Style including Birdman Cruches, Burpees and other favorites, then Mosey to the ICW ramp for the best view of the morning.  Round 3 of ATM’s on the dock, and a few Erkins on the pier, just seemed like the thing to do. Mosey on back, over the river and through the woods, another round of PAX choice. Then a run to the park entrance, allowing the 6 [YHC] to catch a breath while Cooter and that young Focker Jail Break out and back to join us [YHC].

THANG 4 at the park entrance – 10 LBC’s IC, 10 WW1’s, 10 other cruchy things[?], round 4 ATM’s then Jail Break/Mosey to Jackie’s Grill for some shade and a round of PAX choice, QIC couldn’t resist 30 Supermans IC to be be sure no fun was missed. Round 5 ATMs and a final Mosey back to the Ice Machine, grass and shade.

The Final Thang – After somewhere between 2.5 – 3 miles logged together the PAX looked less than enthusiastic so QIC called for a quick round of 30 LBC’s IC, Round 6 ATM’s, 20 LBC’s, round 7 ATM’s, more Supermans and then… they were more than happy to call some MARY, right up to Putin with 50 IC Air Presses, Hard Stop and COT prayers by Cooter who asked for a special blessing for Navy’s 2.0 as she will have a lot of work ahead keeping that Focker straight!

Thanks for the opportunity, support and challenge PAX, always an honor

TClap |