• When: 12/28/17
  • Workout Style: Cold Boot Camp
  • QIC: Lassie
  • PAX: Immigrant, Ma Bell, Saturday, Lil Smokey, Suitcase, Chubbs, Lassie
  • AO: Carterican Court

Pay close attention to the video posted….as southerners, this epitomizes what we felt the morning was throwing at us.  Slack had screen shots of 19 degrees and 17 degrees and even 1 degree in West Virginia and yhc Lassie was just a bit disconcerted as he is a solar powered creature who thrives in the warmth and the heat of el sol!  Harboring a tiny hope that nobody would show up, I arrived at the frozen Rotarian plains to see three trucks (with snow chains on)  already  backed in with occupants ready to brave the arctic like winds.  Well what the hell!  I guess it was time to try to put a beat down on these fellas…after sitting in the heat till the very last minute, I jumped out and called the 30 second warning and with no other words we took off.

Our immediate destination was the ball field parking lot for warmarama,  which happened to be a 14 degree North Wind wind tunnel.  A gaggle of penguins and a shot of fireball could not have even begin to warm me up at this point!…..as we begin Warmarama I noticed Saturday HAD NO GLOVES!!

We begin the THING with yhc thinking that we would be by the wall so out of the wind….well no such friggin luck.  The 12 degree wind just blew harder at the wall!

Cherry Picker single leg peoples chair.  Each leg for a round of cherry picker.

On to the field….which was still damp.  Which caused gloves to moisten and fingers start to numb and then freeze…..with the exception of Saturday, who had no gloves and whose hands began to freeze immediately.

100 yard suicide forwards run back wards run

-25 yard line 10 burpees sc

-50 yard line 20 merkins sc

-75 yard line 20 monkey humpers ic

Rinse and repeat and time to get Saturday some gloves!!

On to shelter # 1

-Hungarian dip x 15 ic

-erkins x 20 sc

-derking x 15 sc

-hungarian squat x 15 ic

-stepups x 20 ic

Quick mosey to the dilapidated wall by the storage facilities for the following…

-balls to the wall 5 count each person

-single leg peoples chair 10 count each person

-balls to the wall 10 count each person

-single leg peoples chair 15 count each person

At this point Saturday had disappeared into the bathroom to warm his hands and we moseyed to the small parking lot by the basketball court for…

Parking lot suicides run forwards and backwards

-burpees x 10 sc

-side move merkins x 15 sc

-dying cockroach x 20 ic

We caught site of Saturday building and igloo and moseyed to shelter #2 for the following

-Hungarian dip x 15 ic

-erkins x 20 sc

-derking x 15 sc

-hungarian squat x 15 ic

-stepups x 20 ic

And then we were done!

As miserable as it initially felt, I realized as we were working out together that the key was we were sharing the misery together….and as I told the guys, at least we aren’t in Chicago!

Kudos and awesomeness to you fellas and thanks for being badasses!



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