• When: 5/17/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Maytag
  • PAX: Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Couch Potato (Respect), Pillbox (Respect), Purplerain, Griswold, Cheech, Princess, Skidmark, BJ (FNG), Dumpster Dawg, Sparkles
  • AO: Back Blasts

I concluded my two-year anniversary celebration with my second Q in a row at The Mullet Wrapper today.  It felt great outside, there was a great group and we had an FNG in the house.  Griswold promised to bring an FNG and he delivered.


I kicked off the workout with a solid mission statement and the three F’s.  I mumbled through the core principles trying to burn off the barley and hops from the night before.  Purplerain called me out on missing one of the principles….just checking to see if you were paying attention.


We started off the workout with a lil’ mosey.  Just like the day before, Dash-8 and Navy were jockeying to see who could get the closest to my heels.  The push felt good and I picked up the pace a little on the mosey’s.  It reminds me of my track days.  My coach always told me to “ride that shoulder” of the guy in front.


When did a little warmarama but not before completing 5 burpees for Birdman.  During the burpees I remembered he didn’t HC but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Again, I was burning off a little barley and hops.


We did our warmarama while doing a lil’ mosey around the grounds.

SSH-20 IC  or commonly refereed to as Tony Romos

Cotton Pickers-15 IC

Windmill-15 IC

Sun Gods-15 IC (Check out Griswold next time he does these.  They should be called Griswold T-Rex’s.  He basically moves his wrist a little while his arms are by his waist.)


Tha Thang

We started off by doing some LBC’s to loosen up the core and then got into some leg up/leg down by Sally Up Sally Down.


Then we did a “Snooki Mosey” (<20 yards) and completed some partner work.

Partner Derkins 10  OMD

Partner Burpees 5 OYO  (one legged burpees by Sparkles)

Merkin Booyah 20 Total


Mosey around the Park


5 Burpees for Birdman for not showing up.


To the picnic shelter

35 Dips

20 Urkins

15 Derkins


We did this circuit 2X.


We ran back to the flags with enough time for 30 seconds of Supermans by Couch Potato.


Nameorama….we named the FNG BJ.  Of course, this is short for Billie Jean.  Not a Michael Jackson reference but tennis.  He is a Tennis Pro.  BJ barely sweat during his workout.  Looking forward to working out with him in the future.  Thanks for bringing him out Griswold.

Griswold took us out in a great prayer.

Thanks guys for making it a great morning.  Thanks for the nod Dumpster Dog.

Jang-A-Lang made the statement “You’ll Never Regret Posting” on his last Q at TRS about a month ago and it is so true.  That quote has already gotten me out of my comfortable fartsack a couple time since he made that statement.  I put in on my Preblast under  “why” hoping it would bring some extra guys out.  You never know.


“You’ll Never Regret Posting”-Jang

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