• When: 5/24/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Skidmark, navy(respect), dash 8 (respect), purple rain, Cheech, McMuffin, BillieJean, dumpster dog, birdman, Linus, plebe, backsplash, Griswold (QIC)
  • AO: Back Blasts

Coming off a high from his second F3 anniversary on Tuesday, the Q was unsure of what to bring to the mullet wrapper. Inspire by reef donkey’s knarr circuit and his M’s tabata classes, the Q threw some coupons in the truck and installed an interval timer on his phone. There was a better turnout on a Friday morning than expected, so the Q had to expand the circuit out to 12 parking spaces. It was great to see McMuffin out in the gloom!! Wish we saw him more often 😢
Dumpster dog told the Q that his knee was hurting so he might struggle with running today, but he didn’t want to be a pussy. So, the Q decided that the first thing we should do after the mission statement and disclaimer, was run. Making our way around the soccer fields, we had 2 stops for SSH, Abe vigotas, merkins, and others. The Q was concerned for Dumpster dog’s feelings, so we then ran some more. Back at the parking lot, there were 12 parking spaces outlined with sidewalk chalk. We completed 2 rounds of AMRAP for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, at each station. They were: plank jacks, dumbbell overhead press/squats, HRM, Lt. Dans with ruck, bicep curl, burpee, alt lunge with dumbbell overhead press, run, LBC, alternating RDL, SSH, Supermans. Purple rain was so fast on the run that we couldn’t even see him make it around the building in 40 seconds🤔. Birdman is still trying to figure out how to do the exercises as we speak🙄.
After 2 rounds of the full body workout, we went on a palate cleanser lap around the tennis/basketball courts, stoping at the pull-up bar for somewhere between 0-5 pull-ups each 🧐. Back at the flag we did an ab burnout: one minute timer was set for 20 LSF IC, then finish out the minute with heels to heaven AMRAP. Repeat 3 times with no rest breaks. Birdman is also still trying to figure this simple exercise out as we speak🙄. Hard stop, and COT. During namearama, skidmark attempted to release some intestinal gas, but clearly soiled himself instead.😂. I do feel bad for the poor soul that does the laundry in his house.
The weather’s getting warm and the pax are coming out strong! Good times this morning gents! Thanks for the opportunity to get some good laughs in lead such a great group of guys Dumpster Dog! (I hope you didn’t feel like a puss today) 😁

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