• When: 06/02/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Couch potato (respect), Navy (respect), Dash-8 (respect), J wow, ladybug, Pasquale, purple rain, Cooter, Putin, Laettner, dice (respect), paparazzi, pillbox (respect), Weinstein (FNG/respect), Griswold
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams, Western Park

With the field of dreams time change, and all the excitement about the dingbatter, YHC  was unsure of who would show up this morning. Arriving a little early to recon the new playground and to place a few coupons, two of Carterico’s running studs rolled in from a pre (and post) standard (Couch potato / Pasquale). After arguing about who gets credit for EH’ing the FNG, We counted down from five to a hard start.  The mission statement and disclaimer were stated. The pax was told that this anniversary Q was going to be comprised of thangs from workouts over the last year, including ideas from other F3 regions. Our warm a Rama was true Cape Fear F3 style: 50 IC side straddle hops. Then a mosey to the grass near the tennis courts for sun gods: 10 IC each of right leg, left leg, and Al Gore.    Time for Burpee‘s: five each of right leg only, left leg only, and 180 degree Burpee’s. We then partnered up for the next thang. Each pax did 10 donkey kicks on the fence, ran opposite directions from their partner around the tennis courts, and met on the backside for 10 pattycake Merkens. We then ran back to the start and repeated that cycle three times. Next we moved on to the tennis courts for monkey humper suicides. This proved to be quite confusing for the pax even though it was so simple 🙄. 10 monkey Humpers on each single and double side line across all three tennis courts with a sprint back to the start from each line (70 MH total).  We then got into lines to go across the field of dreams in a plank railroad: First with jump overs, and next with crawl unders. We then moseyed to a set of bleachers for the AMRAP Thang where “backsplash” earned his F3 name. Partner 1 did 30 seconds of dips, while partner 2 did 30 seconds of air press, With 15 seconds to switch positions (repeat 3 times). Next, repeat 3 times for 30 seconds each, with 15 seconds to switch, for alternating lunges and step ups. We then moseyed to the truck near the baseball field where each set of partners grabbed two bricks. Dora: p1 ran with bricks up the stairs to the platform and did 10 air presses, and ran the bricks back to their partner. P2 switched out for: 100 SSH, 200 planks jacks, and 300 IC Freddy Mercs.   Time was running short, so some of the Freddy’s were Omaha’d, and the pax ran over to the new playground.  Time for a little western Wake F3 Thang:  P1 bear crawled the length of the playground while P2 held a bent arm hang.  Switch partners and repeat X 2.  Then a jailbreak to the flag, and 4 minutes left to finish with one last thang: modified jack web with tempo merkins and copperhead squats until a hard stop.  

Many of us were in a huge hurry to double post at the dingbatter, so the COT was kept brief. Namarama was quick and the FNG was named.  It was obvious that he didn’t like his name, so it was  perfect!  YHC mentioned a few things for the FNG about the positive effects of F3 in my life: accountably, influences, friendships, physically, spiritually,…   announcements were made and a brief prayer was said, then a mad rush to the cars for the dingbatter. 

It’s been a great year gents.  


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