YHC will always remember the Monday following Thanksgiving. It was on this day two years ago on this day that YHC decided that it was time for a change in the direction my life was heading. I remember the Dipper was Qing and I still remember all of the suggested nicknames the pax vocalized. I received the beatdown of my life that morning. It was not only my decision to post that morning but my decision to post the following day and consistently ever since that has been one of the greatest positive influences in my adult life. F3 helped me become healthier, both physically and spiritually. On to the party.

YHC hosted an intimate party for a select pax in the gloom. The pax was given a mission statement and disclaimer under the watchful eye of our Nantan, who gave a nod of acceptance we were off to mosey to the cutting board. Warm-a-rama…


Cotton Pickers X 10 IC

Left foot over right

Right foot over left

Standing forward bend

Runners Stretch- Left foot forward, Right foot forward

The Thang…

We moseyed toward the bask turning on 9th street and turning again on Evans street ending up back at the cutting board. YHC explained to the pax the plan. We would preform some exercises and run a lap around the bask. Rinse and repeat.

The first party favor was a “Crowd Pleaser”, a merkin followed by a groiner on a 1:1 ratio, we would ladder up to 5:5 then back to 1:1.

Captain Thor;s were next, 1 WW1 followed by 4 American Hammers, We laddered up to 6:24

Lap time

Aiken Legs- Squats X 20 SC, Box Jumps X 20 SC, Lunges X 20 (10 each leg), Split Jacks X 20 ( 10 each leg)

Lap Time

4 X 4 (Burpee with 4 Merkins and 8 mountain climbers) x 7 OYO


Time to take a Escalator ride: Wojo Squats X 10 oyo,

burpees X 20 oyo

Merkins X 30 oyo

Squats X 40 oyo

Lunge Walks X 50 oyo


Time for some Mary


V sit up X 10 SC

Ramses led us with LSF X  20 IC

Lamar wanted to do  American Hammer’s X 20 IC

Bayliner called Box cutter’s X 15 IC

Suitcase called Boss Tweeds X 15 IC

Jang-a-lang wanted to call lay and pray for the last exercise but decided it would be better to challenge Puddles record for the Plank Hold till Hard Stop.

Announcements : workouts tomorrow

Prayer Concerns: John Jenkins

We joined the Band of Brothers for Name a rama and YHC took us out in prayer.

Remember that magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone. Always an honor to lead.

Crabby Englishman





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