7 Pax including Creflo, Reef Donkey, Sniffer, Swindler, Wilson, Immigrant and Alan braved the cool morning air. We gathered in the upper parking lot at the Marlins Stadium Complex. After the 3,2,1 min warnings. YHC was informed that his pre blast stated the workout was to begin at 5:25am. It was 5:29am. Note to self always proof your pre blast especially if you copy someone else’s. YHC than gave the standard disclaimer and F3 mission statement.

We took a quick mosey over to the Tree of Life.
Side straddle hops x 15 IC
Windmills x 15 IC
Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
Hillbilly’s x 15 IC
Sun Gods x 10 IC forward/10 IC reverse

The Thang:
KISS(Keep it Simple Stupid)

6 simple exercises and a quick mosey around the parking lot. Rinse/Repeat 4X.
1) Copperhead Squat x 12 IC
2) Plank Jacks x 12 IC
3) American Hammer x 12 IC
4) Merkin x 12
5) LBC x 12 IC
6) SSH x 12 IC

After the fourth set we took a 30 count than we Indian ran over to the picnic shelter for some table work.
3 simple exercises. Rinse/Repeat 3x
1) Erkins x 12 IC
2) Box Jumps x 12
3) Dips x 12

Indian run back to the upper parking lot for Mary.

X and O

Box Cutter x 30 IC

Immigrant discussed the Chum Run coming up Sept 30th. For more info go to the Chum Run Facebook page.
Continued prays for all the Hurricane Victims.
Check slack for any other announcements I may have missed.
Creflo took the Pax out in prayer.

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