YHC must confess with the epic rains of yesterday I was excited to wake up and not hear rain in the gutters this morning.  I arrived early and made a lap around the Big Rock ball field to assess whether the loop was dry enough to run in the dark.  As I emerged I saw Wilson eagerly arriving. Once a “pit stop” was made over at the rest room area, (those being unlocked was a break for all involved, especially YHC) I made it back to the AO to find Creflo, Blue, and Wilson stretching out.  As Reef, Proctor, and Chatlee arrived we were ready to roll.  Mission statement and 5 core principles were proclaimed, disclaimer was skipped as no one planned to get hurt or modify today.  We moseyed to the tree of life for a prearranged warmarama convergence with Ron Burgundy and the QAR boys.

Warmara: SSH, Sun gods, Abe bigota, Imperial walkers, cotton pickers, and leg stretches.  Now warm we moseyed back to the upper stadium lot for the thang.

The Thang: Partner up for a lazy man’s dora similar to one from Chainlink last week.  First exercise is the Merkin. Partner A does 10 merkins while partner B holds the plank, they swap back and forth doing 10 merkins at a time, never leaving the merkin or plank position until each has done 50 merkins for a total of 100.  Partners then mosey around the 3rd light pole as a pair and back for round two.  Round 2 was a total of 200 LBC’s single count doing 25 at a time while opposite partner holds a protractor 6 degree. Partners run the loop together again and back for round 3. Round 3 was 300 squats with each partner doing 50 while the other partner holds the Al Gore position until each partner finished 150 squats each.for a total of 300.  Run the loop again together and to the big rock wall to begin the descent. Partner A takes to the peoples chair while doing air presses while partner b runs the loop.  This continued until 200 air presses were finished.  Everyone ran the loop again.  Finally back to 100 count where we did  plank jacks while opposite partner held a plank position, total of 50 plank jacks each or 100 total.

Now to the picnic shelters: Dips x 20 sc, step ups x 20 IC, then a Holiday original plank variation. Erkins plank at arms length table top for 10ct, then erkin table top low plank, then beach erkin standard x 10 ct then bench erkin low plank x 10 ct.  Now derkins, feet on table top derkin x 10ct, low derkin plank x 10 ct, derkin bench plank x 10ct and then derkin bench low plank x 10 ct.

Rinse and repeat.

Mosey to flag for Mary.

American hammer x 15 IC by YHC. Box cutter x 15 IC by Wilson, LSF x 25 IC by Reef, WWI x 15 by Chatlee, X’s and O’s by Creflo, LBC’s x 15 IC by Proctor and finally protractor by BlueCross.

COT: Remembering our military and veterans, Doublemint health and others. YHC closed us in prayer. Hole in None,Kettlebells, Prometheus, Chic shack tomorrow

Today was great a push through a workout planned for the whole body.  We even managed to get some mileage in without too much mumble.  It was a pleasure to lead these men.


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