• When: 05/01/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Big Mic
  • PAX: Proctor, Chatley, Duck Butter, Blue Cross, Reef Donkey, Creflo Dollar, Wilson, Nipple Shot, Blue Cross, Bambart
  • AO: Anchor Ball

Great to Q again and boy was I rusty. Words were not coming out correctly but the pax was patient and we got it done.

11 with the Q showed up in the gloom for the latest installment of the Anchor B. Mumblechatter was strong with the presence of Nipple and Duck Butter. Nippleshot gave the Omaha to a fishing trip and instead of returning to the warm comfort of bed instead made his way to the show. We took a Mosey to the tree of life and back towards the field to pick up a late arriving Bambart. We circled up with court members for



15 SSH

15 Cotton pickers

15 hand release merkins

15 windmills


The Thang

Catch me if you can: Partner A makes his way around the 300 meter loop and partner B does one merkin and then sprints to catch up to partner B. Partner B does 1 merkin and then sprints to catch up with partner A. Rinse and repeat working our way to 5 merkins


Plank for the 6 and then 3 rounds of mountain climbers, prisoner squats, hand release merkins and WW1 situps. Mosey to the field for 7’s.

Going the width of the field start with 6 burpees and then lunge 25 meters and then sprint to the other side for 1 Carolina dry Dock. Lunge back 25 meters and then sprint to the other side of the field for 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat until we work the ladder up and down

Mosey to the baseball wall for 2 rounds of the peoples chair and balls to the wall 10 count. Mosey to the flag (short mosey) for 20 each of regular, wide grip and diamond merkins.



20 each LSF and dead cucaracha then protractor and finally American hammer


Prayer request: Sean on my team, sister died in a car wreck yesterday, young man, west carteret student who committed suicide this week and his family

Announcements: Convergence/CSUP Saturday with the hero patriot at fort macon. See details on slack

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