• When: 06/19/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp - An
  • QIC: Nipple Shot
  • PAX: Nipple Shot, Thunderbob 2.0, Gobler, Imigrant, Blue Cross, Wilson, Duck Butter, Villa, Reef Donkey
  • AO: Anchor Ball, Back Blasts

Well anytime I get a chance to Q the Anchor B, I look forward to PAX and the anticipation of an enthusiastic group ready to get better at their own pace. YHC hadn’t Q’d too much lately so was feelin fresh and ready to roll. Duck Butter was coming off his IR and although his ailments were not 100%, he was willing to give the ole Anchor B and shot to see where he stood in his ability to get back out there…. Almost like a major leaguer taking a shot in the minors for a day just to see if he can still swing at a 90 MPH fast ball. Anyway.. enough.. lets get to the meat.


Warmarama – Lots of stretching, left over right, right over left, downward dog, upward dog, windmills, cotton pickers, SSH IC x 20, Sungods IC x 15 then reverse

The Thang: Modified Bermuda Triangle

Moseyed to the soccer field and planted ourselves at midfield. We picked two other point along the corner of the baseline and that would create a triangle. To ensure that the PAX would not get lost… we ran a test triangle in the wet grass which made a clear path for those that may need assistance along the way.

Triangle 1 (legs): Perform the following 3 exercises at each of the three points on the triangle;

15 SC Squats

10 IC Monkey Humpers

15 SC Wojo Squats

Triangle 2 (Chest):

15 Merkins

14 Drydocks

15 Plank Jacks SC

Triangle 3 (Core):

15 LBC’s IC


15 Low Slows

After we did a round of each, we gathered to perform the grand finale!!! That consisted of redoing each triangle back to back to back

We ran out of time during the finale and Omaha’s back to the shovel flag were we squeezed about 2 minutes of Mary

It was an honor to lead.. Sorry for the delayed BB>




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