• When: 03/15/19
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Holiday Mansion
  • PAX: BlueCross,Flanders,RonBurgundy,Nippleshot,Aflac,SpinalTap,PeeWee,Immigrant,Wilson
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City, Rucky Duck

YHC was glad to once again Q the Ruck but wanted a little more mileage today so we bumped the hard start back to 5:15.  With 10 Pax strong, the disclaimer and mission statement were given and we were off. We would head to the wall at Dockside Marina and back during our appointed hour. We stopped every other block for a random alternating between 10 merkins and 10 squats on our trip down and back. On the way back we stopped at the Big Rock fountain for some rapid fire dips, erkins, and derkins, rinse and repeat. As we were rapidly approaching our hard stop time, we made it to the east side of Walgreens lot and took packs off. In a line we marched with packs over our head doing overhead presses, alternating with bicep curls, counted off by various PAX until we reached Sweet Beans for a 6:15 Hard stop. 3.4 miles, 100merkins and 100 squats in total. Nippleshot on the Q for Hero. Prayers for the Snyder family, John Jenkins, and others. Spinal tap took us out.

Always a pleasure,



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